Who is the richest African American network marketer?

David Imonitie
David Imonitie Nr. 1 African American Income Earner in The MLM Industry – Direct Selling Facts, Figures and News.

Who is the #1 network marketer in the world?

Which company is best for direct selling?

2020 Rank Company 2019 Revenue
1 Amway US$ 8.8 Billion
2 Market America US$ 7.3 Billion
3 Avon Products Inc. US$ 5.5 Billion
4 Herbalife US$ 4.9 Billion

Who is the most successful network marketer?

Omar Salazar from Mexico is the highest MLM earner in North America with an annual income of $19.2 million.

What rank is David Imonitie?


BernhardPils Rank 246 DavidImonitie 414 Rank
R32 Round 63 61

What MLM has the most millionaires?

A: Direct Selling Star claims that network marketing is responsible for making more millionaires than any other industry. As of January 2019, Direct Star shared a total of 15 millionaires. Top of the list was Chanida and Nat Puranaputra, who make $14.4 million annually.

Who is David Imonitie?

David Imonitie is a multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur, who made his first million dollars at the age of 27. He is the founder of BelieveNation, a forum that seeks to enhance people’s quality of life by educating them about values and concepts David has built his foundations upon.

What country is David Imonitie?

Lagos, Nigeria
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