Who makes antigua saxophones?

Antigua Winds
Saxophones. Antigua Winds first began as a saxophone manufacturer. Antigua saxophones are student Antigua VOSI series, intermediate Antigua series, and professional Antigua Pro – Power Bell Series. Antigua cooperated with Peter Ponzol in 2011 for Pro-One Saxophones.

Are Antigua saxophones good?

They’re not great. They’re serviceable, but you can find a used Yamaha or Selmer for that price easily. Those are much better horns, and if you try to resell it down the line, will get a much larger percentage of your money back.

Where are Antigua instruments made?

Antigua is celebrating its 15th year of working with the finest factories in Taiwan. This has enabled them to locate the best quality and values in band instruments from China…” So you can see they used “Taiwan” and “China” interchangeably in this release, as do many others.

Is Antigua Winds a good brand?

Antigua Wind’s PowerBell series is one of the brand’s most popular instruments, and not only does it provide the player with superior feel and sound, it also comes in a variety of beautiful finishes that cater to each person’s aesthetic and performance needs.

What kind of music is popular in Antigua?

The country is a second home for many of the pan-Caribbean genres of popular music, and has produced stars in calypso, soca, steeldrum, zouk and reggae. Of these, steeldrum and calypso are the most integral parts of modern Antiguan popular music; both styles are imported from the music of Trinidad and Tobago .

What accessories are available for Antigua Winds products?

High quality accessories such as care kits, straps, cases, and mutes are also available. Antigua Winds products are distributed to more than 60 countries, especially designed to fit the different needs of its clientele.

Who is Antigua Winds?

Founded in 1991 by musician and educator Fred Hoey, San Antonio, Texas-based Antigua Winds has been offering top-of-the-line brass and woodwind instruments at highly competitive prices, specializing in professional and student instruments.

Where can I find Antigua’s steel orchestras?

Antigua’s steel orchestras and iron bands can be found in churches and in many villages, and have been popular since their introduction. Every Carnival there is a competition to dub the best band of the island. Antigua’s largest and oldest steel orchestra that still competes is Hell’s Gate.