Who makes the Massimo engine?

Motorized s Corp. is a Chinese-based manufacturer that is located in North America and currently ranks 6th on the list of the top UTV producers.

What motor is in the Massimo UTV?

This guide will cover one of these vehicles – the Massimo MSU 500 UTV….Engine.

Engine Type 4-stroke SOHC
Bore x Stroke Ratio 84.5 × 84 mm (3.33 × 3.30 in)
Compression Ratio 9.4:1
Displacement 471 cm³ / 28.74 in³
Horsepower 22.5 hp/22.8 PS (16.8 kW)

Where is Massimo motors from?

Founded in 2009 Our pride and joy is our 325,000 square foot factory in the heart of the Dallas / Fort Worth area of Texas USA, in the city of Garland. It’s here we offer some of the most sought after, value packed UTV’s, off-road, and on-road vehicles in the industry.

Is Massimo and odes the same company?

In October 2019, Odes and Massimo entered into an agreement giving Massimo the exclusive right to sell certain Odes-branded products. By the terms of the agreement, Odes retained the intellectual property rights to the products that Massimo was allowed to (exclusively) sell.

How fast does a Massimo 500 go?

35 mph
-The T-Boss 500 comes with a roof, winch, aluminum wheels, folding windshield, side mirrors, turn signals, and camo bodywork if you want it. –A single cylinder, single overhead cam, four valve, 493cc engine powers the T-Boss 550. The 550 has enough power to explore challenging trails and a top speed of 35 mph on dirt.

Is Massimo an American company?

Founded in 2009, Massimo Motor Sports, LLC is a United States based Manufacturer and Distributor of UTVs (side-by-sides), ATVs, Mini-Bikes, Outdoor Products and other cutting edge products.

Where are Massimo made?

Its machines are manufactured in China, but Massimo assembles and inspects them at its 328,000-square foot facility in Irving, Texas — an almost-made-in-the-USA detail that has become a key part of its marketing message. Massimo Motors retails some of its products at Tractor Supply Company stores located in 48 states.

Does hisun own Massimo?

Massimo is an American owned company in Texas which assembles the Hisun UTV in Texas, and then sells them to Tractor Supply as a supposedly made in the USA machine.