Who owns Buddha Bar?

founder Raymond Visan
About Buddha-Bar Born from the visionary imagination of its founder Raymond Visan, then owner in Paris of the famous Barfly and in perpetual search for novelties through his numerous trips, notably to California, this restaurant-bar-lounge in the very chic Faubourg St Honoré, quickly became a “Must” of Parisian nights.

Who created Buddha Bar?

restaurateur Raymond Vișan
The Buddha-Bar is a bar, restaurant, and hotel franchise created by French-Romanian restaurateur Raymond Vișan and DJ and interior designer Claude Challe, with its original location having opened in Paris, France in 1996.

Who created Buddha-Bar?

How many Buddha bars are there?

For more than 20 years, and now with the brand carefully overseen by Tarja Visan, the partner of founder Raymond Visan, the Buddha-Bar lifestyle has continued to grow and spread its positive energy throughout the world in restaurants, hotels, spa, beach clubs, music and more, now in more than 20 locations in global …

How many Buddha Bar are there?

Buddha Bar “has made a name for itself with its Zen lounge music CDs and remains a hit – especially with tourists”. Locations have since been opened in a number of other countries, although not without controversy arising from the theme….Buddha Bar.

Type Bar
Headquarters 15, in various countries, Paris
Website www.buddhabar.com/en

Who started Buddha Bar?

Raymond Visan
History. It was back in 1996 that Raymond Visan opened the first Buddha Bar in Paris. With its ground breaking Pan Asian Menu, chick nightclub vibe and house music no credible it would create a best-selling record label in its wake, it soon became the venue of choice for the city beau monde.

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