Who plays Moira Queen on Arrow?

Susanna ThompsonMoira Queen / Played bySusanna Thompson is an American actress. She is known for her roles in films Little Giants, Ghosts of Mississippi, Random Hearts and Dragonfly. Wikipedia

How old is Suzanne Thompson?

64 years (January 27, 1958)Susanna Thompson / Age

How tall is Susanna Thompson?

5′ 7″Susanna Thompson / Height

Who plays Isabel Rochev in Arrow?

Summer GlauIsabel Rochev / Played bySummer Lyn Glau is an American actress best known for her roles in science fiction and fantasy television series; as River Tam in Firefly and its continuation film Serenity, as Tess Doerner in The 4400, Wikipedia

Is Oliver’s mom evil?

Moira was oftentimes ruthless and immoral, in an ends-justify-the-means sense; as she had Oliver, her own son, kidnapped, but tried to justify it as doing so to prove he knew nothing about the Undertaking to protect him from Malcolm Merlyn.

Is Susanna Thompson married?

Martin KatzSusanna Thompson / Spouse

Who played Hollis Mann?

Susanna ThompsonHollis Mann / Played by

How is Isabel related to Slade?

Actor. Isabel Rochev (died May 14, 2014), was the vice president of acquisitions at Stellmoor International and later the CEO of Queen Consolidated. She was also a partner of Slade Wilson in The Siege and a member of the Church of Blood and Slade Wilson’s army.

Who is Slade’s daughter arrow?

Rose Wilson
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Deathstroke #15 (October 1992)
Created by Marv Wolfman Art Nichols
In-story information

Did Moira know Oliver was the arrow?

Moira was revealed to have known Oliver’s secret identity as the Arrow for nearly a year, but fully accepted this, proud of the man her son had become. She even decided to tell Oliver and Thea the truth about Malcolm’s fate but was unable to when the three of them were captured by Slade.

Who is Oliver Queen in Arrow?

Arrow follows the story of billionaire playboy Oliver Queen ( Stephen Amell ). He is discovered after being stranded for five years on an isolated island. When he returns home, Queen secretly becomes a bow-and-arrow -wielding vigilante in order to honor his father’s legacy and atone for his family’s sins.

What happened to Oliver’s mother in Arrow?

Her mother, Kazumi Adachi, was mysteriously murdered at the Glades a year prior to Oliver’s outing as Green Arrow. Being an accomplished gymnast and trained in combat by Dante, her skills and tactics match Oliver’s. She initially had no intention to become a vigilante until her mother’s murder.

What happened to Oliver Queen’s Mother?

She takes up the mantle of Green Arrow while Oliver Queen is incarcerated at Slabside Maximum Security Prison. Her mother, Kazumi Adachi, was mysteriously murdered at the Glades a year prior to Oliver’s outing as Green Arrow.

Who is Moira Dearden Queen in Arrow?

Moira Dearden Queen (portrayed by Susanna Thompson; main: seasons 1–2; uncredited voice cameo: season 3; guest: season 5 & 8) is the mother of Oliver and Thea, the former acting CEO of Queen Consolidated, mayoral candidate and wife of Robert Queen and later Walter Steele.