Who plays Rickenbacker guitars?

After George Harrison, Roger McGuinn is arguably the Rickenbacker 12-string’s most famous exponent.

How much does a Rickenbacker 330 cost?

The Rickenbacker 330, like all Rickenbacker models, is manufactured in the United States, specifically within the Rickenbacker factory located in Santa Ana, California. It is not mass-produced, but rather produced-to-order for dealers and individual customers. It carries a MSRP of $1,999.00.

Did George Harrison play a Rickenbacker guitar?

The second Beatle to get himself a Rickenbacker was George Harrison. In September 1963 he bought a Jetglo model 425, while visiting his sister Louise in Benton, Illinois. In a letter I have received from her she confirms that George bought this guitar in a music store in Mount Vernon, Illinois.

What 12-string guitar did George Harrison play?

Rickenbacker 360/12 twelve
In 1964 Harrison introduced the electric twelve-string guitar into mainstream pop. His Rickenbacker 360/12 twelve-string was a prototype. Only the second twelve-string guitar Rickenbacker ever made, it was delivered specially to him during their first visit to New York City.

Do Rickenbackers have serial numbers?

The serial number is generally located on the jackplate but can also be punched on the neck plate or on the bridge plate. If you want to know the production year of your Rickenbacker guitar, yyou can decipher it with the serial number decoder, or find it in explanation about the dating system below.

Does Rickenbacker make a 12-string electric guitar?

Rickenbacker makes a variety of 12-string electric guitar models. Some of them also feature the classic stereo pickup configuration that many people are looking for when shopping for a Rickenbacker on eBay. Some common models youll find include:

What color is the hardware on a Rickenbacker?

The hardware color on a Rickenbacker is typically silver and black, but special versions do exist. Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Rickenbacker.

What makes Rickenbacker guitars sound so good?

On most guitars, the high or octave string is first, but on Rickenbackers, that is flipped. This gives Rickenbacker guitars a special feel and tone.

What makes a 12-string guitar sound so good?

Most 12-string instruments have a special tone and quality to them because of those extra six strings which are tuned either in unison or in octaves. On most guitars, the high or octave string is first, but on Rickenbackers, that is flipped.