Who was in Group 935?

Group 935 was a scientific research group involved with the creation of the Wonder Weapon experiments. Their main facility was near Breslau, Germany, and was named Der Riese (The Giant), but they had many other facilities around the world.

When did Richtofen Join Group 935?

July 3rd, 1912
In Dimension 63, Edward Richtofen and Ludvig Maxis joined Group 935 on July 3rd, 1912.

What is Group 935 based on?

Group 935 is a Nazi group that were experimenting on a new element obtained from a meteorite that hit Tunguska, Russia. This element is known as Ununpentium or element 115.

What group was Richtofen?

Group 935
On May 10th, 1931, Doctor Ludvig Maxis formed Group 935, a research team dedicated to the study of Element 115. Edward Richtofen, at the time, had been a member of the Illuminati since August 30th, 1925.

How old is Edward Richtofen?

Edward Richtofen (Gruntijackal)

Edward Richtofen
Age 34 (biologically) 103 (chronologically)
Gender Male
Creation Date

Who is Peter McCain?

Peter McCain was an OSS spy sent to infiltrate Group 935 as a research assistant based out of Munich. He started working at the Der Riese facility on June 17th, 1945 and was then transferred to the Asylum facility in Berlin two months later.

WHO IS DR Richtofen based off of?

Doctor Richtofen created the Wunderwaffe DG-2, shown by his exclamation when he receives it. His name may have been inspired by the German World War I flying ace Baron Manfred von Richtofen, more commonly known as the Red Baron.

Is Richtofen in Vanguard?


Is richtofen in Vanguard?

What rank is Richtofen?

What rank is richtofen?

Edward Richtofen
Occupation German Army Commander (formerly) Scientist (formerly)
Rank Major General
Affiliation(s) Bundeswehr (formerly) Group 935 (formerly) Illuminati
Relation(s) (Unnamed) – Sister