Who won the MLB MVP in 2000?

MLB Awards – MVP

Most Valuable Player
2002 Miguel Tejada Barry Bonds
2001 Ichiro Suzuki Barry Bonds
2000 Jason Giambi Jeff Kent

Who has the most NL Mvps?

Barry Bonds has won the most often (seven times) and the most consecutively (four: 2001–04). Jimmie Foxx was the first player to win multiple times; Ten players have won three times, and 19 have won twice. Frank Robinson is the only player to win the award in both the American and National Leagues.

Who was 2021 NL MVP?

Bryce Harper
That recognition officially came on Thursday: Bryce Harper is your 2021 National League Most Valuable Player. Harper’s MVP credentials rested in his leading the National League — and all of Major League Baseball, at that — with a . 615 slugging percentage, 1.044 OPS and 170 wRC+.

Who is the NL MVP so far?

NL MVP race

Pos: Player AVG/OBP/SLG
1. Manny Machado .359/.443/.586
2. Nolan Arenado .312/.374/.600
3. Juan Soto .260/.394/.496
4. Bryce Harper .305/.361/.634

How did Todd Helton not win the 2000 MVP?

Todd Helton was basically robbed of the 2000 NL MVP award because voters seemed to think that he had an unfair offensive advantage. The irony in all of this is that in 2001 the same voters gave the award to a 36-year-old Barry Bonds who hit 73 home runs due to a slightly different offensive advantage.

Who won the 1999 MLB MVP?

Ivan Rodriguez
AL MVP Voting

Batting Stats
Rank Name OPS
1 Ivan Rodriguez .914
2 Pedro Martinez .000
3 Roberto Alomar .955

Did Ohtani win MVP?

On Thursday, Ohtani’s historic efforts were rewarded with the A.L. Most Valuable Player Award. He joined the former Seattle Mariners star outfielder Ichiro Suzuki, the 2001 A.L. M.V.P., as the only Japanese players in Major League Baseball history to earn the award.

Who won NL MVP last year?

A right fielder has won in the AL 11 times. Runner-up Juan Soto was also a second-place finisher in NL voting for the Jackie Robinson Rookie of the Year Award in 2018 (to Ronald Acuna Jr. of the Atlanta Braves)….2021 NL MVP.

Juan Soto, Nationals
5th 2
6th 1
7th 1