Who would win in a race Flash or Quicksilver?

“Quicksilvers top speed is around Mach 5 (6174 KM per hour) Flash’s top speed is around the speed of light (299,792 KM per second). This makes The Flash over 174,000 times faster than Quicksilver.

What is the difference between Quicksilver and the Flash?

Flash is the super fast superhero from DC Comics and part of the Justice League. Quicksilver is the super fast superhero from Marvel Comics and sometimes an Avenger. In recent clips, Quicksilver has blazing speed.

Can Quicksilver beat Magneto?

In Marvel Comics, Magneto is an X-Men villain that doesn’t have many rivals, but in the first issue of The Trial of Magneto, one Marvel Cinematic Universe Avenger, in particular, Quicksilver, is shown to be able to easily beat Magneto down — especially when given the right motivation.

Who is faster flash or Pietro Maximoff?

The Flash would always easily outrun Quicksilver, and leave Marvel’s famous mutant speedster choking on his dust as he circled the world before Pietro even left the starting blocks.

Who is the slowest superhero?

Snailman (Slowest Superhero in the World) Powers/Abilities: Snailman can walk up walls (he says “creep,” but that’s referencing his lack of speed, rather than his style of movement) and moves slower than a three-legged tortoise.

Who’s faster flash or Pietro Maximoff?

The Final Fast Word The Flash would always easily outrun Quicksilver, and leave Marvel’s famous mutant speedster choking on his dust as he circled the world before Pietro even left the starting blocks.

What can Quicksilver do that Flash can t?

Not only does The Flash sport a lightning bolt on his chest, he can also throw bolts of lightning as well. Lightning and electricity go hand in hind, and Flash can also accomplish feats of magnetism. Quicksilver can’t do this, and considering who his dad used to be, that must have been a disappointment to Magneto!

Who can defeat Quicksilver?

Reverse Flash is the fastest evil speedster of them all and Quicksilver has zero chance against him. Reverse Flash would let Quicksilver think he could win for a little bit, allowing Quicksilver to get some offense in before completely shutting him down and beating him to death, just for kicks.

Can Ultron beat Magneto?

1 Would Demolish Him: Magneto Ultron is made of metal. Magneto is the master of magnetism. It’s pretty open and shut. Magneto’s magnetic force fields would defend him indefinitely against Ultron’s attacks and Magneto could throw Ultron around with magnetic abilities while pummeling him with all the metal around.

Who is faster Quicksilver vs Flash?

While hypersonic speeds are nothing to sneeze at, the Flash’s speed from the Speed Force absolutely trumps Quicksilver’s… by a lot. Amazingly, The Flash is way faster than anything Quicksilver has ever displayed in the comics thus far.

Who in Marvel can beat Flash?

Despite being surrounded by Thor, Iron Man, and Wanda, Black Widow is one of the most valuable members of the Avengers team. In one of the recent Marvel issues, Natasha Romanoff has proved that she can easily beat The Flash from DC.

This is something that Flash can do that Quicksilver cannot. The Flash can control not only his own kinetic energy, but the kinetic energy of other objects as well as people.

Did the fans make the right decision in the Quicksilver fight?

The fans made the right decision in this case. Quicksilver isn’t to be messed with, but he’s not in the same league as the Flash, even with the cheap shot. The Flash is the more powerful speedster and the fight proved it. He earned the victory.

Who won the race between the Flash and Quicksilver?

In the JLA/Avengers crossover, Flash and Quicksilver raced against each other. Flash won when he had access to the Speed Force and lost when he did not. In Quasar #17, a galactic race was held to see who the fastest person on Earth was. Quicksilver lost to a strange person that appeared out of nowhere, calling himself the “Buried Alien.”

How does Quicksilver defeat Pietro in the Flash?

Unfortunately for Quicksilver, his cheap tactics don’t lead him to victory. As Pietro has an internal monologue about getting angry that someone was faster than him, the Flash quickly rises from the grounds and delivers a handful of punches straight to the mutant speedster’s face. “Almost had me there, fella!”