Why are there no football boots in Australia?

According to General Manager of SportsPower Campbell Davies, the company has been forced to halt online orders of sports boots until they are able to restock their inventory. “Supply chain issues are affecting many businesses in Australia right now, and ours is no different,” he said.

What are the best football boots for AFL?

ASICS boots are mainly used in AFL, Rugby League and Union codes. ASICS boots are based on running shoes, which means they have an elevated heel and a midsole. This is designed to minimise the risk of injury and provide greater cushioning and support.

Are Nike Magista discontinued?

Although the Magista received a tonne of backing from Nike, a number of factors led to its discontinuation in 2018. Firstly, the boot simply lagged behind other boots from Nike’s stable in terms of popularity.

What boots do AFL players wear?

Guide to the Best AFL Football Boots 2019

  • Our #2 Pick: Adidas Predator 19.1.
  • Our #3 Pick: Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Elite.
  • Best Football Boots for Narrow Feet: Nike Mercurial Vapor.
  • Best Football Boots for Wide Feet: New Balance Tekala.
  • Best Football Boots for Ruckman: ASICS Lethal Ultimate IGS 12.

What boots do AFL players use?

Are soccer boots OK for AFL?

Can Soccer Boots be Used for AFL. The main difference between soccer boots and AFL boots is that the toe of the soccer boot is a slightly different shape designed for striking the ball and getting spin on it. I’ve found soccer boots are OK to use for footy matches if playing casually.

Who wore Magista Obra 2?

Another Nike offering in the top 10, the Magista Obra II boots also feature a collar to help players maximise control. These boots incorporate the Flyknit technology as well, and 4.5 per cent of players wear them. Popular players: Kevin de Bruyne, Arturo Vidal, David Luiz, Blaise Matuidi.