Why does my fireplace keep turning off?

Clogged or Dirty Burner Ports The locations where the flames come out of a fireplace are all called burner ports. If any of these are clogged or dirty, they can cause the flame to go out, which will also cause your fireplace to shut off.

Is it safe if pilot light goes out?

If your pilot light repeatedly goes out, this is a likely culprit. If this flame sensor should fail, gas will continue to flow even after the pilot light has been extinguished, causing a safety hazard and requiring immediate repair.

Why does my gas fireplace shut off after a few minutes?

If you get dust in the pilot assembly and the pilot needs to be cleaned out, it produces a “lazy” flame, which will be disturbed by the draught of the main burners. The flame lifts away from the thermocouple and causes the temperature on the tip of the thermocouple to drop. This, in turn, makes the gas valve shut off.

What causes a gas fireplace flame to go out?

Drip Loop: moisture in the gas line can cause a failure in the drip loop. This could be the reason why your fireplace won’t stay lit. Moisture can dilute the natural gas, so you’ll want to have a professional see if this is the problem at hand.

Why does my ventless gas fireplace keep shutting off?

One of the main reasons why your gas fireplace keeps shutting down is likely due to the pilot light. This is an integral part of a gas fireplace, that kick starts the gas fire. When you turn on the fire, the pilot light button needs to be held in so that it can light the fire.

Why does my ventless gas fireplace keep going out?

The Fix: Pilot Light to Gas Fireplace Won’t Stay Lit This can be an indication that your fireplace thermocouple is either bad or worn out. However, if your pilot is lit but the gas fireplace isn’t, then there’s probably a problem with your thermopile.

How do I know if my thermocouple is bad on my gas fireplace?

So you’ve checked your pilot light and even reset it, but still, it wont stay lit. This can be an indication that your fireplace thermocouple is either bad or worn out.

What happens if pilot light goes out on gas fireplace?

A pilot light may need to be re-lit from time to time after being extinguished on purpose or by accident. If it is accidentally extinguished, there exists a danger that the gas used to keep the flame lit will continue to vent, possibly into the living space.