Why is my Topaz signature pad not working?

If you are still unsuccessful do the following: unplug your Topaz tablet, uninstall the driver, then restart your computer, then re-install the driver, then re-plug topaz, and finally do the topaz test.

How do you install a topaz Model T S460 HSB R?

Download the Topaz T-S460-HSB-R signature pad software at topazsystems.com/software/sigweb.exe. Close all open web browsers, such as Google Chrome. Locate the downloaded exe file on your computer, then open the file to begin the installation. Follow the prompts that appear to complete installation.

Where does Topaz signature pad show up in device manager?

The Topaz Software is already installed on the client PC. The device is connected via USB. The Signature Pad shows up in the Device Manager, of the local computer, under “Ports (COM & LPT)”. It should show up as “USB Serial Port”.

How do I install Topaz signature pad in Windows 10?

Download Topaz Signature Pad to your computer’s desktop, Right-click and click on Save As on this icon. That download will put a Sigplus icon on the desktop. Double-click on the Sigplus to install. (After the installation, SigPlus will be found in your C:\Windows\SigPlus folder.)

Are Topaz signature pads plug and play?

No external power supply is required. The signature pads are truly plug and play.

How do I test my Topaz signature pad?

To test your fully installed signature pad, run ‘DemoOCX.exe’, which can be accessed: Via the shortcut placed on your computer desktop after SigPlus download. In the folder ‘C:\Windows\SigPlus\’ on your computer. After booting the test program, click the ‘START’ button and sign using the signature pad.

How do I use Topaz signature pad in Adobe Reader DC?

Click “Tools” → “Certificates” → “Digitally Sign” (in the top toolbar). Click and drag a signature box to the desired size and position with your mouse; the “Signature Capture” window will appear. When you are finished signing, click “Accept”, and the signature will be embedded into the PDF.

How do I use Topaz signature pad in Chrome?

To use a Topaz Systems, Inc™ signature pad with TaxWise Online, do the following: Disconnect the signature pad….Procedure

  1. Navigate to the Topaz “SigPlusExtLite” Background Extension page.
  2. Click + ADD TO CHROME on the upper right of the page.
  3. Click Add extension in the confirmation window.

How do I change the battery in my Topaz signature pad?

Signature pad models T-C912, T-C916, T-S261, and T-S751 have battery-operated pens. To replace pen batteries, rotate the rear pen cap one quarter turn counter-clockwise and remove. Remove the old batteries and replace with type #393. Replace the pen cap and lock into place with one quarter turn clockwise.

How do I enable plugins in Adobe Acrobat DC?

In the Preferences window, click Security, and then click Website Settings next to Internet plug-ins. Select Adobe Reader in the list of plug-ins. Under When Visiting Other Websites, in the drop-down list choose Allow Always and click Done. The browser is now set to use the Adobe Reader plug-in to display PDFs.

How do I add plugins to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC?

To install plugins, use any of the following options:

  1. In the Plugin panel, choose the Browse tab, select the plugin, and click Install.
  2. If you received a plugin package with the . xdx file extension, you can double-click on it to install.

What is the Topaz t-lbk462-hsb-R electronic signature pad?

. Topaz T-LBK462-HSB-R includes all the high-quality features of a Topaz electronic signature pad with the added feature of an LCD interactive display, allowing users to see “electronic ink” under the pen tip as they sign as well as navigate and display text and graphics.

How do I set up the Topaz SIGLITE LCD 1×5 (t-lbk462)?

Log into the system, and then access the Setup menu 5. Go to the Printers and Local Settings tab, and then under the Signature Pad: field, select Topaz SigLite LCD 1×5 (T-LBK462) 6. Save the settings changed. 7.

How do I connect my Topaz signature pad to my computer?

1. Plug in your Topaz signature pad into a USB port on your computer. 2. Download the Topaz Signature Pad drivers by clicking here for the model T-LBK462-HSB-R

What accessories are compatible with the Topaz t-s261?

Battery, Replacement, 2 Pack, Compatible with Topaz T-S261, S-S751, T-C912, T-C916. Signature Capture Pad Accessory, Screen Protector, 3 Pack, Compatible with Topaz SigLite 1×5 and SigLite LCD 1×5. SignatureGem 1×5 Pen. Removable and interchangeable pen tips. Tips sold separately. SignatureGem 4×5 Pen with Nylon-coated Steel Tether Cable.