Are 1800 contacts public?

The brands that 1-800 Contacts use includes Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Alcon, Bausch & Lomb and CooperVision. In 2006, its last year as a public company, the company reported net sales of US$247 million….1-800 Contacts.

Type Private

Does 1-800 Contacts work?

1-800 Contacts is an accredited company with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They have an A+ rating from the BBB based on their commitment to customer service. There are about 30 customer complaints on the BBB site, all of which 1-800 Contacts has responded to.

How many customers does 1800 contacts have?

8 million customers
1-800 CONTACTS has filled more than 30 million orders for over 8 million customers. In a single day, we deliver more than 200,000 contact lenses to customers.

Does 1800 contacts replace torn contacts?

Tear a lens? We’ve been there. These things happen. Just give us a call and we’ll send out a replacement contact lens for free.

How many employees does 1-800 contacts have?

Company Info

Industry Retail
Year founded 1995
HQ location Draper, Utah
# of work sites 2
U.S. Employees 1,094

How long does it take to get contacts from 1-800 contacts?

five to seven business days
Standard free shipping is estimated to take five to seven business days. Expedited, one-day shipping is currently available for $10, but these offers can change. My order came in thoughtfully designed packaging, which included a contact lens case, a pair of sample contacts, and my two boxes of lenses.

Can unused contacts be returned?

With all the tips and tricks floating around about how to handle your contacts, one that might often get overlooked is, “Can I return my contacts?” The answer is more than a simple yes or no. Each retail company has its own return policy, with most requiring that unused or defective lenses be returned within 30 days.

How much did 1-800 Contacts sell for?

(Reuters) – KKR & Co Inc KKR. N has agreed to acquire 1-800 Contacts from investment firm AEA Investors LP, the online contact lens retailer announced on Wednesday, in a deal that a source said was worth more than $3 billion.

Does 1-800 Contacts verify prescription?

After you submit your order, we’ll verify your prescription with your eye care provider to make super-sure you get the correct contacts. This may take up to one business day.