Are Hope brakes better than Shimano?

Own both, would agree with nearly all that. I’d say the Hope have enough effective adjustment that you can get them to feel just as (or very close to) immediate as the Shimano. The adjusters make a real difference (Shimano ones do little to nothing). But, much as I like the Hopes (and Hope as a company, cust.

What does Blue brake discs mean?

Basic Cause of a Rotor Turning Blue Excessive heat will turn a typical brake rotor blue. A blue rotor indicates the rotor is being worn and could lead to cracks in the rotor, which will cause uneven wear on the brake pads that are stopping the vehicle. This uneven wear could lead to damaged calipers and brake shoes.

Why are my brakes blue?

Pinched/Deteriorating Brake Line: Your brakes work on hydraulic pressure. If there’s damage to one of the brake lines (an internal damage to the liner that limits the amount of fluid flowing in and out), it can cause your caliper to stay at least slightly engaged at all times. This generates heat and blues your rotor.

What oil do you use for hope brakes?

Hope brakes are designed to operate with DOT 4 or DOT 5.1 brake fluid. Using DOT 5 or mineral oil in your Hope brake will damage the rubber seals and require a full strip-down and cleaning of all brake components.

What happens if you replace brake pads but not rotors?

As a result, the new brake pads might not fit the old rotor perfectly. This mismatch creates brake noise and vibration and can cause uneven wear on the new brake pads (which will lead to premature brake pad replacement). You also need to consider that an older, worn rotor may need replacing in the near future anyway.

Why do rotors change color?

rust. Brake rotors are usually made from cast iron and they’ll oxidize quickly when exposed to water. As others have said, the solution is to drive the car and normal wear will scrub away the oxidation layer.

Are Hope brakes pre bled?

Our brakes come shipped fully bled and with enough hose to fit any normal bike. That might mean that you end up with excess hose, particularly if you ride a small frame size.

What is a hope brake adaptor?

Hope Disc Brake adaptors are CNC-machined and ensure a perfect fit with all Hope Brake sets. CNC machined in Barnoldswick, England Includes mounting bolts Item Specifications Brake Caliper Type Post Mount Mount | Rotor Size 160 Post | 180 Rotor Hope Adaptors Disc Brake Adaptor EAN: 5055168088389

What kind of brake hose do I need for Hope brakes?

Made for Hope by Goodridge Fits most manufacturers disc brakes Braided stainless steel line Hose length: 1600mm Hose OD: 5mm Hose ID: 2.4mm Works for front or rear Item Specifications Color Silver Defined Color Silver Hope Line Kit Disc Brake Hose Kit EAN: 5055168010625 Recondition your Hope Brake Calipers with a Caliper seal kit.

What kind of shifter bodies do hope brake use?

Featuring a variety of fitments, they reduce bar clutter and open up control layout options.SRAM mount allows use of X9, X0 and XX shifter bodies for Tech 2 levers Hope Tech Lever Direct Shifter Mount Hydraulic Brake Lever Part EAN: 5055168064529 Hope Disc Brake adaptors are CNC-machined and ensure a perfect fit with all Hope Brake sets.