Are KMC sleeves good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely elegant card sleeves! Absolutely elegant card sleeves! I’m now a huge fan of KMC after trying these out! They shuffle very smooth as butter and they show off your cards very well!

What are the best Magic the Gathering card sleeves?

Best MTG Sleeves

  • Dragon Shield Matte Standard Size Sleeves (Black – 100PK)
  • Ultra Pro PRO-Matte Eclipse Standard Deck Protector Sleeves (Purple – 100PK)
  • Ultimate Guard Katana Sleeves (Blue – 100PK)
  • KMC Hyper Mat Standard Sleeves (Purple – 80PK)
  • Ultra Pro Liliana, Waker of the Dead Sleeves (100 PK)

What are the best card sleeves for shuffling?

Dragon Shield Matte Art sleeves are highly durable and have a smooth shuffling experience. They are one of the only sleeves on the market that offer card collectors the ability to have gorgeous artwork options on their sleeves while still not having to give up the matte back texture.

What sleeves for Magic?

For Magic cards, we recommend 63.5 x 88mm sleeves. Premium thickness will offer the best possible protection.

Are Gamegenic sleeves good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing, right amount perfect size. Took away 1 star for thickness cause the sleeves are a little thick, cards kind of don’t fit in the box, and that’s just being picky, but I absolutely love them. I managed to squeeze them perfectly in the box.

How are Gamegenic sleeves?

The Gamegenic sleeves are *very* similar to FFG. They feel like they’re the same thickness & exact same quality as FFG. I can’t speak to their durability as I’ve just received my first Gamegenic sleeves & haven’t used them yet. But they are NOT interchangeable with FFG sleeves.

Why did Fantasy Flight stop making sleeves?

A Quick Look at Sleeve King’s ‘Premium Line’ FFG Sleeve Replacements. In case you haven’t heard, Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) discontinued their sleeves roughly a year ago. Their line was essentially handed off to Gamegenic (albeit with different dimensions and feel), an arm of Asmodee.