Are Maxi-Cosi car seat bases universal?

No, not every Maxi-Cosi ISOFIX base fits every Maxi-Cosi car seat. There are different ISOFIX bases for different car seats, however there are some Maxi-Cosi ISOFIX bases that fit more car seats than others, such as the FamilyFix2 and FamilyFix3, which fit several Maxi-Cosi car seats.

Is EasyFix and ISOFIX the same?

What Is the Difference Between ISOfix and Easyfix? The EasyFix is a car seat base made by Maxi-Cosi for its Cabriofix seats. It provides ISOfix and vehicle seat belt connectivity, allowing you to anchor the base via ISOfix connectors or your car’s seat belt.

What is a Maxi-Cosi EasyFix base?

The Maxi-Cosi Easy Fix Car Seat Base is suitable for children from birthto 12 months(approx 13kgs). It can be installed using either IsoFix or the car’s own 3 point seat belts. This car seat base is ideal for parents travelling with more than one car and without IsoFix attachment points in every vehicle.

How do I choose a maxi cosi car seat?

Your child must travel in a car seat that is the appropriate size for them. If they don’t, they may not be safe and you will be breaking the law. You can choose the right car seat using your child’s height (i-Size) or weight (R44).

Does CabrioFIx fit FamilyFix base?

The FamilyFix base is compatible with our CabrioFIx and Pearl car seats, to offer a complete ISOFIX solution from birth to approx. 4 years.

What is CabrioFIx?

Product description. Comfortable for your baby, and convenient for you, our Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix is the lightest baby car seat that can be connected to an ISOFIX base unit. You’ll love its easy-to-use Click & Go installation. Installation.

Can I use Maxi Cosi without base?

At Maxi-Cosi we offer an ISOFIX solution in each age category; baby, toddler and child. For baby car seats, you will need an additional car seat base to use ISOFIX. Most first-time parents install our baby car seats correctly thanks to the easy-to-use ISOFIX base.

How do I know if my car has ISOFIX points?

To find out if your car has Isofix points, look for Isofix labels between the base and back of your car seats (the fitting points themselves may also be visible) or check your vehicle’s handbook or contact the manufacturer or dealer.