Are Mettler threads good?

Mettler: This thread is famous for its long staple spools (that means they’re spun from super-long strands of cotton – making this thread very strong and and less prone to breakage.) Get back to the basics with some popular colors, and a smooth, silk finish with their 100% cotton thread.

What are variegated threads?

Variegated thread is cotton cross stitch and embroidery thread (or floss) that’s been dyed in such a way to give a variating colour throughout the thread. Unlike normal cross stitch thread that’s one solid colour, variegated thread changes colour, either subtly or drastically throughout the lengths.

Is Mettler thread made in China?

Mettler threads for the end consumer are produced locally in Germany and Czech Republic.

Who makes the best sewing thread?

The Best Thread for Fabric-Based Artworks

  1. Gutermann Sew-All Thread. Providing great quality and versatility, this polyester thread (50 weight) is suitable for all-purpose use.
  2. Mettler Silk-Finish Cotton Thread.
  3. American & Efird Serger Thread.
  4. Coats & Clark Inc.
  5. Singer Polyester Hand Sewing Thread.

What is the best make of sewing thread?

The Best Thread for Fabric-Based Artworks

  • Gutermann Sew-All Thread. Providing great quality and versatility, this polyester thread (50 weight) is suitable for all-purpose use.
  • Mettler Silk-Finish Cotton Thread.
  • American & Efird Serger Thread.
  • Coats & Clark Inc.
  • Singer Polyester Hand Sewing Thread.

Is Mettler thread good for quilting?

Mettler Silk-Finish Threads are the ideal thread for sewing, piecing, and quilting cotton fabrics.

What is variegated cotton thread?

Variegated threads are threads that have a multi-colored dye pattern throughout. A thread that has the colors blue, green, yellow, and purple in a repeating pattern is considered to be variegated.

Where is Aurifil thread manufactured?

Milan, Italy
The Aurifil production process is based in Milan, Italy. It’s here where the thread undergoes 15 steps before it becomes a spool ready for use. What types of thread does Aurifil currently produce? We are proud to offer our 100% Egyptian Cotton thread in 12wt, 28wt, 40wt, 50wt, 80wt, 40wt/3ply and a 6-strand floss.

What is Mako thread?

Made from long staple Egyptian cotton, Cotton Mako is excellent for detailed machine embroidery, red work, quilting, lace embroidery and serging. This thread has really taken off with machine quilters and has been used in numerous award-winning quilts.

Why choose Mettler thread?

Mettler Thread stresses excellence in their production and quality control. Mettler’s emphasis on quality allows Mettler Thread to meet and exceed the demands that their users place on their cotton and polyester threads. Whether on cotton, synthetics, mixed textiles, linens, or even silk, Mettler Metrosene makes for smooth seams.

What is Mettler poly Sheen thread?

Mettler Poly Sheen Thread is the versatile polyester embroidery thread that meets the highest standards in artistic machine embroidery on any material. Poly Sheen Thread from Mettler Thread is also perfect for quilting.

Is Mettler seralene shrink resistant?

It is shrink resistant. 50wt Polyester Thread. Mettler Seralene is perfect for creating fine, almost invisible seams on light-weight fabrics. Seralene – the overlock thread with exceptional smooth characteristics, guarantees strong, virtually invisible seams.