Are pinnatus batfish reef safe?

Though difficult to keep, Pinnatus Batfish are generally regarded as peaceful fish. They do not do well in reef aquariums because they tend to eat invertebrates like corals and anemones.

How do you take care of a batfish?

High-quality water is recommended. Changing the water of the tank weekly will be the cornerstone of keeping the pinnatus batfish in pristine condition. Don’t empty half of the tank by replacing it with fresh water by 50%, make sure you empty the whole tank and replace all of the water by a 100% diluted water change.

Do batfish eat coral?

As they mature and their fins shorten, adult batfish will take up residence in lagoons, around protected reefs, inside shipwrecks or under floating mats of seaweed. Adults that are not part of a group tend to be pelagic and travel the open ocean. They are omnivores, feeding on plankton, anemones, coral and algae.

How much does a batfish cost?

Item # Description Price
000952 Pinnate Batfish, Small: over .5-.75″, Western Pacific * Restriction On Guarantee $79.99
000955 Pinnate Batfish, Medium: over .75-1.5″, Western Pacific * Restriction On Guarantee $89.99
000957 Pinnate Batfish, Large: over 1.5-2.5″, Western Pacific * Restriction On Guarantee $99.99

What is pinnatus batfish?

Pinnatus Batfish is a genus of saltwater fish, scientifically known as Platax. They belong to the Ephippidae family and there are five recognized species of Batfish.

Can you keep Platax in a batfish tank?

Batfish also require a minimum tank size of 200 gallons, so unless you have the space to accommodate a tank of that size, you should not keep Platax. If you can provide a Batfish with the level of care and expertise they require, they will become the centerpiece of your aquarium.

What does a batfish look like when it is full grown?

The Orbiculate Batfish, also known as the Cooper Batfish, begins its juvenile life a reddish-brown color with black spots. As a fully grown fish, it will be yellowy-silver, or dusky in color with a dark band through its eye and another just behind the head. It sometimes has a few black spots scattered on the body.

What fish can live with a batfish?

With care, most angels are acceptable, too. All species of dwarf angel will coexist nicely with batfish. Gobies, blennies, cardinalfish, most reef-safe wrasses, and clownfish are excellent candidates too. Assuming the batfish is too large to consume whole, lionfish and the vast majority of eels will leave batfish alone as well.