Are salmon returning to the Elwha River?

Before dam construction, over 400,000 adult salmon returned annually to the Elwha River to spawn; just before dam removal, salmon returning to the Elwha had fallen to approximately 4,000. Now, salmon are starting to recover and return.

Has the Elwha Dam been removed?

Starting in 2011, the National Park Service removed two obsolete dams from the Elwha River in Olympic National Park, Washington. It was the world’s largest dam-removal project.

How much did it cost to remove the Elwha Dam?

The estimated cost of removing both dams was $40 to $60 million. The total cost of the Elwha River restoration is approximately $351.4 million.

Can you fish the Elwha River?

The upper stretches of the river are great for fly fishing. Once the dams are down, the salmon fishing should be superior. The Elwha River Trail begins at the Whiskey Bend trailhead, about 10 miles southwest of Port Angeles.

Which type of fish has returned to the Elwha River now that the dam has been removed?

Scientists have been tracking nature’s response. Some of what they are finding is surprising, even to them. Summer steelhead, nearly extinct in the Elwha, have come booming back to the river, all on their own. Once locked up behind the dams, rainbow trout are re-expressing their ability to go to sea as steelhead.

Can you fish on the Elwha River?

Mostly contained within Olympic National Park, the 45-mile-long Elwha River supports several types of fish including pink, coho, chinook, sockeye, and chum salmon as well as steelhead, cutthroat, and bull trout, and Dolly Varden char.

Who owned the Elwha dams?

The Zellerbach – now Nippon – paper mill owned both dams from 1937 to 2000, when they were sold to the US Dept of the Interior. Since 1949, the only customer for the electricity the dams produced has been the mill. Until the dams were shut down in 2011, the Elwha River dams had supplied 40% of the mill’s electricity.

Why has the Glines Canyon dam been removed?

It impounded Lake Mills reservoir. The dam was demolished in 2014 as part of the Elwha River ecosystem restoration project; as of 2015 it is the tallest dam ever to be intentionally breached. The Glines Canyon Dam was the largest dam removal ever….

Glines Canyon Dam
Added to NRHP December 15, 1988

Is Elwha Reservation open?

Quinault Beach Resort and Casino, Little Creek Casino Resort, 7 Cedars Casino, Elwha River Casino, and Lucky Dog Casino are now open to the public. Further updates may be found at the following resources.

How did removing the Elwha River dams change the habitat for salmon?

Once one of the Olympic Peninsula’s most productive salmon rivers, the dams reduced the river’s salmon abundance to a fraction of its former levels. With the barriers removed, aquatic organisms regained access to the entire river.