Are Triscuits high in fiber?

Are Triscuits a Good Source of Fiber? Triscuits are relatively high in fiber, with around 3 grams per serving (16 crackers).

Are Triscuits low fiber?

But one of the best is an oldie but goodie: Reduced Fat Triscuits. Some of the newer crackers are either high in fat and saturated fat, or low in fiber (even some types that sound like they’d have plenty of fiber.)

Which is better for you Triscuits or Wheat Thins?

In Short, the nutritional difference between Wheat Thins VS Triscuits is that Triscuits contain less calories per serving, less carbohydrates, no added sugar, more protein, more iron, more potassium, and less sodium than Wheat Thins do.

Are Triscuits actually good for you?

It’s what led to many dietitians recommending Triscuit as one of the healthiest crackers you can buy. “I recommend Triscuit crackers because they offer lots of different bold flavors,” says Kostro Miller. “Even their flavored crackers like the cracked pepper and olive oil only has 140 milligrams of sodium per serving.

Are Triscuits easily digestible?

Carbohydrates are one of the three macronutrients that the body needs in high amounts for proper function. Triscuits contain 19 g of carbs per 28 g serving. This comes out to about 10 crackers. Since the carbs come from whole wheat, they are considered complex carbs, which means they are digested at a slow pace.

What snacks can I eat on a low-fiber diet?


  • White breads, waffles, French toast, plain white rolls, or white bread toast.
  • Pretzels.
  • Plain pasta or noodles.
  • White rice.
  • Crackers, zwieback, melba, and matzoh (no cracked wheat or whole grains)
  • Cereals without whole grains, added fiber, seeds, raisins, or other dried fruit.

Is hummus and Triscuits healthy?

Let’s do some quick snack-math: Six Triscuit crackers and two tablespoons of Sabra hummus is a healthy snack that provides fiber, protein and micronutrients, as well as 190 calories.

Are Cheerios high in fiber?

Classic General Mills Cheerios Are High in Fiber, Low in Sugar. For a healthy breakfast, stick to classic Cheerios. “They contain a good amount of fiber and are low in sugar, all those things that we look for [in a healthy cereal],” Spetz explains.

Can I eat Cheerios on a low fiber diet?

Foods to Include: Plain cereals e.g. Cheerios, Cornflakes, Cream of Wheat, Rice Krispies, Special K. Tea biscuits, arrowroot cookies, soda crackers, graham crackers, plain melba toast. Corn and flour tortillas, cornbread.

Does Nabisco still make Triscuits?

Nabisco makes its Triscuits in much the samewayit makes its shredded wheat. For shredded wheat,thestrands are piled up, all strands running in the samedirection,and then put through a cutter that forms the biscuits. TomakeTriscuits, the wheat is piled first in one directionandthen in another. Where are Triscuit crackers made?

Are Triscuits bad for You?

Triscuits contain harmful ingredients, like vegetable oil, which in this case, contains canola and soybean oil, that comes from GMOs. Using genetically modified ingredients is frowned upon as they leave toxins in the body and lead to major chronic illnesses such as cancer.

How healthy are Triscuits?

­ Break up into bite-size pieces:

  • ­serve over soups and chilis;
  • use as you would croutons over salads;
  • make a snack mix with pretzels and peanuts
  • Coarsely chop the low sodium or original varieties in a food processor with toasted nuts,corn syrup,and cinnamon to use for a piecrust;
  • Crush and:
  • Are Triscuits low carb?

    Zinc 0.0 %. *triscuit, Low Fat (7 Crackers) (1 serving) Calories: 120, Fat: 3g, Carbs: 21g, Protein: 3g. Show full nutrition information.