Can Axia drive highway?

Driving at 120 to 140 km/h in the Axia is possible, but not at a relaxed cadence. The Perodua Axia feels decently quick in city traffic, but once you get on the highway, it is obvious that the Axia needs to work a little harder to keep up with traffic.

Does Axia have Hill start assist?

You can also compare the Perodua Axia (2019) 1.0 AV AT against its rivals in Malaysia….Specifications.

Power Door
Hill Start Assist
Instrument Cluster
Parking Brake

How good is Axia?

Conclusion. Perodua Axia AV is a good entry level car. Ride quality and driving performance may not be Perodua Axia’s strength but it makes up for it with decent cabin space and fuel efficiency. However, we would still suggest the GXtra (RM 34,990) for first-time car buyers.

How much does a Perodua Axia cost?

Perodua Axia 2021-2022 Price As you go up the range, the 1.0 G goes for RM 32,485, the 1.0 GXtra goes for RM 33,940, the STYLE goes for RM 37,515 – same as the 1.0 SE, and the range-topping 1.0 AV runs you RM 41,427.

Is Axia a safe car?

It is all of the aforementioned safety features that helped the Axia to score an impressive 4-star ASEAN NCAP safety rating.

Can Axia use ron97?

3) This car pick up not were quite slow, still feel lack of power even using manual. For auto user may be can consider to use RON 97.

Which is better Axia or Myvi?

But when it comes to entertainment, the Axia AV wins hands down as it comes with a touch screen multimedia system with navigation, ‘Smart Link’, USB, Bluetooth and HDMI. The Myvi 1.3L G, on the other hand, has a basic entertainment system with digital audio with USB, and that’s about it.

Does Axia have power steering?

To top it off, the Axia comes with Electronic Power-Steering that allows easy manoeuvring so you don’t have to build bigger biceps when making a sharp turn (if you used to own a vehicle with no power-steering then you’ll know what I’m talking about!).

Is Axia safe?

Does Axia have abs?

On 20 September 2019, the second-facelifted Axia was launched with six variants, including the new GXtra and SUV-inspired Style variants. Only E variant has manual transmission, and all the rest have automatic transmissions with ABS and EBD.

Is MYVI safe?

For adult occupant protection (AOP), the new Myvi receives a total score of 32.71, with a 1.3G test car variant that comes with airbags for driver, passenger and side. For Child Occupant Protection (COP), the total score is 43.14.

Does RON97 clean engine?

More Malaysians are now able to afford the once-elusive RON97. However, unless your car manufacturer specifically tells you to use RON97, using this premium grade fuel will not actually rev up your car’s performance or give it a cleaner engine.