Can you download different voices for Garmin?

With just a microphone (recommended) and your computer, you can record and upload custom voices to your device. The software guides you through the process of recording a list of words and phrases and downloading the recordings to your device. It’s fun, easy and great way to add your own personality to your device!

How do I add voices to my Garmin?

To reload or update voices:

  1. Download and install the Garmin Express application.
  2. Connect the device.
  3. Click Tools & Content.
  4. Click the Utilities tab.
  5. Scroll to Optional Updates.
  6. Click Language Files and select the desired language(s)
  7. Scroll down and click Install Now.

Can I change the voice on my Garmin GPS?

Once voices are installed on the Nuvi, they can be changed anytime. When you purchase a Garmin Nuvi GPS, the device automatically comes with many different voices to choose from. Different models each have different options available such as male and female voices, different accents and numerous language choices.

Who is the voice of Garmin GPS?

artist Karen Jacobsen
Australian singer and voice-over artist Karen Jacobsen is Garmin’s GPS voice.

Can you change the voice on your GPS?

Users can change the voice of the Google Maps navigation on an Android phone or a tablet–from within the app and by reinstalling the app. The first method is easier, while the second involves adjusting your phone’s language settings.

Can I download more voices for you?

For Google Assistant, press and hold the Home button, or say “OK Google” to open your assistant. Tap Assistant, then Assistant Voice. You’ll see the list of options available, and can tap each to hear what they sound like. Once you’ve found one you like, select it.

How do I get Morgan Freeman on Google Maps?

Open Google Maps and go to Settings > Navigation settings > Voice selection. Pick a voice. If you’re looking for more unique voices, check out the Google-owned app, Waze.