Can you stay in Crom Castle?

Crom Castle is privately owned by the Crichton family, Earls of Erne. The west wing radiates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where guests can feel that they are staying in someone’s home rather than an impersonal hotel or guest house.

Who owns castle Crom?

the Crichton family
The castle is privately owned by the Crichton family, Earls of Erne, but it is possible for the public to stay in Crom Castle’s West Wing.

Is Crom Castle open to the public?

WELCOME TO CROM CASTLE Now you can fully experience the magic of this sublimely beautiful place by staying in the West Wing of Crom Castle itself. The West Wing is available to rent all year round on a weekly or long weekend basis for groups of up to 13 people.

Who built Crom Castle?

Michael Balfour
The Old Castle at Crom was built in the early 17th-century by a Scottish planter, Michael Balfour. The Castle and the Estate passed to the Crichton family in 1655 when Abraham Crichton married the daughter of the previous tenant, the Bishop of Clogher.

Where does Lord Erne live?

Crom Castle is a magnificent 19th-century castle, located within 1900 acres of beautiful protected parkland in an extremely romantic setting overlooking Lough Erne. It is the family home to the 7th Earl and Countess of Erne.

Who lives in Castle Coole?

Castle Coole is one of the greatest neo-classical country houses in Ireland. Home to the Earls of Belmore, it was commissioned and built to impress by the first Earl of Belmore by Amar Lowry Corry, 1st Earl Belmore (1740-1802) and furnished largely by Somerset Lowry Corry, 2nd Earl (1774-1841).

Who is Lord Erne?

Lord Erne was killed in the Second World War. The 6th Earl (often known as Harry Erne), who succeeded in 1940, was the Lord Lieutenant of County Fermanagh from 1986 until 2012….

Earl Erne
First holder John Creighton, 2nd Baron Erne
Present holder John Crichton, 7th Earl Erne
Heir presumptive Charles Crichton

Who is the Earl of Erne?

John Crichton
John Crichton, the 7th Earl of Erne and Baron of Fermanagh, is offering his home at the family’s ancestral seat to guests wishing to spend a vacation with him as their personal host.

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When was Castle Coole built?

between 1789 and 1798
Castle Coole was constructed between 1789 and 1798 as the summer retreat of Armar Lowry-Corry, the 1st Earl Belmore.

What age is Lord Erne?

Lord Erne, former Lord Lieutenant of Fermanagh, dies aged 78 – BBC News.