Did Germany invade Greece?

Hitler’s army invades Greece A turning point in the history of Greece: The German Wehrmacht invaded the country in April 1941. German field marshal Walther von Brauchitsch (center left), commander in chief of the army, is seen here visiting the Acropolis. Liberation of the mainland came in October 1944.

How long did Germany occupy Greece?

4 years
07 Aug 2018. During the course of the Second World War, the Axis Powers occupied Greece for just over 4 years, beginning with the Italian and German invasion of April 1942 and commencing with the surrender of German troops on Crete in June 1945.

Did Germany invade Greece in ww2?

The Axis occupation of Greece during World War II began in April 1941 after the German and Italian invasion of Greece, and was carried out together with Bulgarian forces. The occupation lasted until the German withdrawal from the mainland in October 1944.

When did Germany invade Greece?

April 6, 1941 – April 30, 1941German invasion of Greece / Period
In order to secure the Balkan flank in anticipation of the attack on the Soviet Union, planned for June 22, 1941, Hitler ordered the invasion of Yugoslavia and Greece. On April 6, 1941, the Germans and Italians, supported by Bulgarian and Hungarian units, attacked.

Why did Germany invade Crete?

The German High Command debated whether to seize the island or focus efforts on the planned invasion of the Soviet Union. Capturing Crete would have its advantages. It would both give the Germans a good base in the eastern Mediterranean and prevent the British using it to mount operations in the Balkans.

Did Greece win ww2?

Not only did Greece protect its homeland, marking the first defeat of the Axis in WWII, but it allowed the British to tighten the blockade in the Mediterranean and cut Italy’s communication lines, allowing for extra months of time for allies to prepare.

How many Germans died in the invasion of Greece?

More than 1700 British, Commonwealth and Greek soldiers were killed and 15,000 captured during the Battle for Crete. There were 671 New Zealanders among the dead, and 2180 Kiwi prisoners of war. More than 6000 Germans were killed or wounded. The Luftwaffe lost more than 350 aircraft.

Which Greek Islands did the Germans invade?

The Germans controlled Athens, Central Macedonia, Western Crete, Milos, Amorgos and the islands of the Northern Aegean.

Did Greece save Russia in ww2?

The Greek army fought bravely against the invading Germans too, in the spring of 1941. And by doing so, they significantly delayed the massive German attack against Russia, thus playing a role in the victory of the allied forces.

Who won the German invasion of Greece?

Axis victory
Statistics about the strength and casualties of Italy and Greece refer to both the Greco-Italian War and the Battle of Greece (at least 300,000 Greek soldiers fought in Albania)….German invasion of Greece.

Date 6 April 1941 – 30 April 1941
Result Axis victory
Territorial changes Axis occupation of Greece Start of the Greek Resistance

Which countries were invaded by Germany?


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  • The occupation of Greece by the Axis Powers (Greek: Η Κατοχή, romanized: I Katochi, lit. ‘the occupation’) began in April 1941 after Nazi Germany invaded the Kingdom of Greece to assist its ally, Fascist Italy, which had been at war with Allied Greece since October 1940.

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    Operation Barbarossa (German: Unternehmen Barbarossa ), also known as the German invasion of the Soviet Union, was the code name for the invasion of the Soviet Union by Nazi Germany and some of its Axis allies, which started on Sunday, 22 June 1941, during World War II.