Does a trailer have to be inspected in Kansas?

Motorized bicycles and mobile or manufactured homes are NOT required to be inspected. A vehicle or trailer along with the title or bill of sale must be taken to a Kansas motor vehicle inspection station and after the inspection, be issued an MVE-1 receipt.

Do all trailers need to be registered in Kansas?

Kansas law exempts trailers from registration if the total weight of the trailer and load being carried does not exceed 2,000 pounds. Farm trailers are exempt from registration, unless the load being carried on the trailer exceeds 6,000 pounds.

Does my trailer need lights in Kansas?

Kansas Trailer Lighting Laws Every trailer shall have at least 2 rear red reflectors, 2 stop lamps, and 2 electric turn signal lamps. On each side, 2 side marker lamps, 1 at or near the front and 1 at or near the rear.

Can you get a title with a bill of sale in Kansas?

In the state of Kansas, an antique vehicle is the only vehicle type that can be titled with just a bill of sale. To qualify as an antique vehicle, your automobile is required to be more than 35 years old and without any major alterations so that it is as close to its original form as possible.

Is bill of sale required in Kansas?

No, a bill of sale is not required. However, it’s always a good idea to have a bill of sale signed by the seller and the buyer with a copy for both to transfer ownership and give legal protection to both parties. The official Kansas DOR document for a bill of sale is form TR-312.

Can you pull 2 trailers in Kansas?

Kansas law requires all trailers to have a safety hitch or chain of adequate strength in place to maintain a connection between vehicles if the regular hitch fails. Vehicles are allowed to tow two trailers in tandem if there is an anti-sway device on the first trailer and an active braking system on the second trailer.