Does CeX take broken phones?

Sell Your Faulty Phones at CeX! In addition to offering repairs in selected CeX stores nationwide and online through our CeX Clinic service, you can now sell your faulty phones to CeX online for cash or even more in CeX vouchers! Just look for the “Faulty Phones” section of the site.

What does CeX store stand for?

The “Cex” name has moved away from “Computer eXchange” into an acronym for “Complete Entertainment eXchange”, and company letterheads state “CeX LTD is trading as CeX Entertainment Exchange”.

Do I need ID to sell to CeX?

You do not need to take in any ID for this, just your name and postcode will do. You will also not be able to sell for cash with and Exchange Membership, but you can get CeX vouchers for your trade-ins. A Full Membership allows to to sell any of your items for cash or CeX vouchers. You must be over 16 years of age.

Do CeX check if phones are stolen?

You sell phones that were or could’ve been stolen but don’t accept if the rightful owner blacklists them. We test all items sold to us & we run all serial numbers through a system that is linked to the police database for items that have been reported lost or stolen.

What does grade B mean on CeX?

What does Unlocked B mean. If you’re buying something that’s marked as Unlocked B, you can expect to find it in good condition with all essential accessories included. However, it may not come in a box. The product should have a relatively good cosmetic condition, but may have a few scratches.

Do you need the charger to sell a phone to CeX?

Do You Need A Charger To Sell A Phone To CEX? CEX will only accept a phone if it has all the essential accessories with it, and this includes the charger. This is because they need the charger to be able to sell the phone on.

Do CeX take smashed screens?

They will take it as ‘not working’ and give you a price with that in mind.

Is CeX a second-hand shop?

CeX is a second-hand goods chain based in the United Kingdom specialising in technology, computing, video games and technology repair. It also sells new items!

Does call me Kevin own CeX?

During his hiatus from YouTube, Kevin became the franchise owner of a retail store called CeX, a company that specializes in second-hand electronic goods, and owned it for about 3 years.

Does CeX give cash?

After CeX grades your items, they will offer you a price for your items. The price is usually based on several factors, including economic and market trends. In-store, CeX will pay you in cash, by bank transfer or CeX vouchers.

How long does it take CeX to pay?

CeX on Twitter: “@linsianimations Once it’s been processed in store, payment should come through within the next working day or two :)” / Twitter.

Why choose Cex Doncaster to repair your device?

GET YOUR DEVICE REPAIRED THROUGH CEX DONCASTER. Our expert team of engineers and technicians have been repairing consoles, smartphones, tablets and laptops for years and there’s nothing they’ve not seen before. With over 250,000 repairs made to-date, you can be sure that your device is in safe hands.

Where can I get my Device repaired in Doncaster?

Getting your device repaired is easy, just visit the CeX Store in Doncaster and we will do the rest.

How much is Wesell from Cex?

CeX basics – Apple Certified Lightning Cable White 1m WeSell for £7.99 I want to buy this item More Info Show more products I want to sell these item/s to CeX Your sell basket is empty I want to buy these item/s from CeX Your buy basket is empty Available here