Does Chrysler Pacifica have 8 seats?

The Chrysler Pacifica is an exceptional family hauler with seating for up to eight passengers on all trims except the Pacifica Hybrid. This incredible minivan offers drivers and passengers everywhere a spacious cabin with premium materials.

Does Chrysler Pacifica have 3rd row?

The Chrysler Pacifica has seven or eight seats, depending on configuration. The front seats are spacious and comfortable for taller drivers and passengers. The second and third rows are roomy enough for kids and adults, though the cushions are rather thin due to the seats’ fold-flat design.

Does Chrysler Pacifica AWD have 8 seats?

The Chrysler Pacifica is an exceptional family-hauler with seating for up to eight passengers on all trims excluding the Pacifica Hybrid.

Is Chrysler Pacifica being discontinued?

There hasn’t been any announcement from Chrysler on discontinuing the Pacifica. It has been a pretty popular minivan thus far. In addition, the Voyager just replaced the Grand Caravan in 2020. So, it is unlikely they will be going away from these models any time soon.

What is the best 8 passenger minivan?

The 2021 Honda Odyssey has been named the best 8-passenger minivan by Motor Trend. It’s recognized for its refreshed styling, smooth transmission, easy-to-remove second row seats, many family-friendly features.

Does Dodge Caravan have 8 seats?

The Grand Caravan isn’t designed for eight seats. Seven passengers fit comfortably with two in the front, two in the middle, and three in the back. The middle row is designed for two riders in either a bench seat or two bucket seats with the Stow ‘n Go system.

Which is better Sienna or Pacifica?

The Sienna wins on rearmost cargo capacity by fitting 949 litres behind its third row as opposed to the Pacifica’s 915 litres. But it loses ground thereafter with 2,129 litres of space behind the second and 2,860 litres behind the first, as compares to the Pacifica’s measurements of 2,478 and 3,979 respectively.

Which is better Odyssey or Pacifica?

The Pacifica gets one up on the Odyssey with a more advanced theater system with two screens with independent media players. In seating room, the Odyssey has more legroom in both rear rows and more cargo room, but the Pacifica beats in is nearly every other measurement.

What’s wrong with the Chrysler Pacifica?

Electrical system, engine and powertrain issues are among the top issues received by the NHTSA from vehicle owners. “easy on the eyes,” or simply because people don’t know how defective this model actually is. After all, customers continue to complain about the electrical system, engine and powertrain.