Does Griffith University offer undergraduate medicine?

This program is an intensive two-year degree that will be offered full-time on-campus mode. Intensive teaching periods and web-based courses will be available.

Do you need Ucat for Griffith medicine?

UCAT: UCAT scores are NOT considered for entry into Griffith University’s medical program.

How do I get into Griffith medicine?

Admission requirements

  1. Key degree. Applicants must have achieved a minimum GPA of 5.0 (using a 7 point scale) in their most recent Bachelor or other key degree.
  2. Graduate Medical School Admission Test (GAMSAT) All applicants may apply using a valid GAMSAT score.
  3. Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)
  4. MD / PhD pathway.

What ATAR do you need for medicine at Griffith?

ATAR 99.85
The entry requirements for the Bachelor of Medical Science are: ATAR 99.85. English, English as an Additional Language, Literature or English & Literature Extension (Units 3&4, C)

What is the entry requirement for Medicine?

In order to study medicine at most universities in the UK you need to, as a standard, have at least five A* or A grade GCSEs in subjects including Maths and English. You also need to have at least a Grade B in a Science subject.

What GPA do you need for Medicine in Australia?

Standard pathway applicants must achieve a minimum GPA of 5.0 in their undergraduate degree in order to be considered for selection.

Is Griffith a good medical school?

Griffith has a great med program and the difference from other schools is becoming more apparent (we have the biggest/best funded cadaver/specimen lab in the country, there is a big emphasis on clinical application of knowledge like x-ray interpretation and clinical reasoning from day one).

What do I have to study to become a Doctor?

Students need to study MBBS to become a doctor. To become a doctor after 10, an individual should take up Science with Biology. It is upto the student if he/she wants Mathematics or not, but Physics, Chemistry and Biology are important.

Which medical school has the lowest entry requirements UK?

The 10 Easiest Medical Schools to Get Into in the UK

  • Medical School at the University of Birmingham.
  • Medical School at the University of Manchester.
  • University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine.
  • Leicester Medical School.
  • Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry.
  • UCL Medical School.

Can you get into medicine without biology A level?

Medicine certainly isn’t impossible without biology. There’s a reason chemistry is the only requirement. That being said, most places ask for Chem and one other science. So if you’ve got Maths/Physics alongside, then you’re fine.

What undergraduate degree is best for medical school?

10 undergraduate majors that help you prepare for medical school

  1. Pre-medicine. Pre-medicine undergraduate degree programs help students prepare specifically for medical school.
  2. Biology.
  3. Biochemistry.
  4. Exercise science.
  5. Public health.
  6. Health sciences.
  7. Foreign language.
  8. Nursing.

How do I contact Griffith University about studying the Doctor of Medicine?

If you have any further questions about studying the Doctor of Medicine, please contact us via email at [email protected] Take the first step towards a rewarding career in medicine.

What are the eligibility criteria for Griffith University Medical Science programs?

A proportion of the Griffith University medical science intake will be required to be from a rural background RA2-5. Therefore, applicants who meet these criteria will be given priority access to Griffith University Bachelor of Medical Science programs.

Does Griffith accept accelerated degrees for medicine?

Griffith recognises two year accelerated Bachelor degrees or one year conversion degrees for the purposes of admission to Medicine. However, these degrees MUST be complete at the time of application.

How many people have graduated from Griffith University’s Medical School?

Today, more than 1200 graduates are in independent practice or in specialty training. Griffith’s four year graduate-entry Doctor of Medicine will help you take your first step on the road to becoming a doctor.