Does IndiGo charge for Web check-in?

It is not only a hassle-free and easy process but will also help you minimise contact at the airport. Check-in online for free on our website 48 hours to 60 mins before your flight. Check-in online for free on the IndiGo app 48 hours to 60 mins before your flight.

Is web check-in chargeable?

For web check-in of a first-row seat, a passenger will have to pay as much as Rs 800 extra, while a non-reclining seat in row 12, which is next to the emergency exit, will cost an additional Rs 600 when selected online. A middle seat in the last row will cost Rs 100 more, as per the revised charges.

Is web check-in free of cost?

People choosing these seats at web check-in till now were not required to pay any fees. Something which has now been discontinued for web check-in, making it a paid service. The airline in message to passengers said: “As per our revised policy, all seats will be chargeable for web check-in.

Does check-in cost money?

In general, there’s no price difference for checking in at the airport or via any other means, although there can be price differences for other services (eg baggage charges) depending on where you pay for them – more on that below.

Are IndiGo seats chargeable?

In case you don’t wish to purchase a preferred seat you can always select any free seat available or would be assigned a seat free of charge at the time of check-in at the airport. If any seat is assigned through IndiGo’s call centre, an additional fee of INR 50 per person per sector will be levied by IndiGo.

Is airport check in free?

Passengers must keep in mind the following rules related to airport check-ins: Complete your government-mandated web check-in for free 48 hours and 60 min before flight. Facilitation fee of ₹200 for airport check-in with assistance. ŸCheck-in counters closes 60 minutes prior to scheduled departure time.

Are all IndiGo seats chargeable?

Do we have to pay for seat in IndiGo?

What is a check-in fee?

Check-in fee can also be referred to as a service fee. Both terms mean the fee for the service provided during check-in.

How do you get a free seat in Web check-in?

How it works

  1. Web Check-in. Visit site and click on Check in Tab.
  2. Passenger Page. You can select passenger seat or you can check-in through auto assigned seat.
  3. Select seat. Select your seat.
  4. Mandatory Health Declaration. Declare your health status online.
  5. Web check-in successful.

What is the web check in time in indigo?

login to web check in portal

  • Enter your PNR
  • Enter personal details like address,destination address can be hotel or house where you are going to stay at destination.
  • you can fill your passport number or any identification number
  • select your seat ( if option is provided – sometime chargeable )
  • declare hazardous substance statement
  • How to book IndiGo flight ticket on Indigo website?

    Go to Key in the ‘to’ and ‘from’ destinations

  • You can either choose to search for cheap domestic flights or book international flight tickets at the best deals
  • Choose the date of travel and number of passengers
  • In case you are eligible for a special fare,please select from – Armed Forces,Student,Senior Citizen,etc.
  • What is indigo web?

    Web check-in helps the customers avoid waiting in long queues at the airport. Web check-in can be done anytime up to 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure. Web check-in to skip the long airport queues | IndiGo

    How to check IndiGo flight PNR status online?

    Logon to

  • Click on Flight Status tab
  • Enter the departing and arriving destination
  • Enter your date of travel and Flight No.
  • Enter your PNR or Booking Reference number