Does Jewel Osco have health insurance?

Jewel-Osco Health Insurance Jewel-Osco offers associates the security of a comprehensive benefits package which includes: Medical, Vision, Dental. 401(k) Program.

Does Jewel have health benefits?

Jewel Osco Benefits include Tuition Reimbursement, Maternity / Paternity Leave, and Unique Office Space, along with 8 other unique benefits in categories such as Health & Wellness and Paid Time Off. Employees score their Perks And Benefits an average of 59/100.

How many sick days do you get at Jewel Osco?

7 answers. You get 5 paid sick days a year? No paid sick days.

How much are union dues at Jewel Osco?

Also, you have to pay a $110 union member fee that is taken in increments of $10 to $20 out of every paycheck, ap you can work a lot but still not make a lot.

Does Jewel Osco have 401K?

Jewel-Osco 401K Plan.

What is the dress code for Jewel Osco?

10 answers White Polo, Black pants, Black Shoes, and Name Tag. Provided with a uniform which you are expected to keep clean and wear as company expects to be worn.

Does Jewel Osco have 401k?

Do Jewel Osco employees get discounts?

10% off jewel brand items and 5% for brand items. Discount goes a long way during large purchases.

How long is orientation at Jewel Osco?

about 2 days
The orientation goes over about 2 days.

What do you wear to a Jewel Osco interview?

How should I prepare for an interview at Jewel Osco? Dress casual. Main question they always ask new people is the “Tell me about yourself.” And how many hours you can work and…

What should I wear to sonic orientation?

Casual wear, Jeans and a T-Shirt.

What questions does Jewel Osco ask in an interview?

If you are looking for Jewel-Osco Interview Questions you have come to the right place….Jewel-Osco Interview Questions and Answers

  • Tell us about yourself?
  • What can you tell us about Jewel Osco?
  • Why do you want to work for Jewel Osco?
  • What is your greatest strength?