Does Kettlewell Colours have a shop?

So along with my husband John, we launched Kettlewell – an online one-stop shop for women who love to wear colour. Today, from our Somerset HQ, we sell everyday wardrobe essentials in 300 shades to women across the world.

Where is Kettlewell Colours based?

CHARD, United Kingdom
Company Description: KETTLEWELL COLOURS LIMITED is located in CHARD, United Kingdom and is part of the Electronic Shopping and Mail-Order Houses Industry.

Where are Kettlewell clothes made?

Kettlewell works with small family-run factories in Portugal and Turkey that care for their employees and produce clothing using ethical and environmentally friendly practices.

What is a blue autumn?

Blue Autumns are best in the coolest. and deepest part of the Autumn. palette-think peacock’s tail, bitter chocolate and deep olive greens. Rich, earthy, blue-greens are trending this season. Blend with Oyster, Brick Red and Amber to create rich colour combinations.

Can Autumns wear white?

Autumn’s version of white is rich cream. Autumns suit every shade of light brown, from tan and camel through to cognac and beige, and they can be incredibly useful neutrals, particularly for warmer weather.

Can Autumns wear pink?

Deep autumn can also wear the darkest warm shades of wine, raisin, and espresso. All these will offer bold options for lip color. Avoid cool tones like pink or berry red lipstick, cool blue and green eyeshadows, and soft pink cheek colors.

Can Autumns be blonde?

But there’s actually no guarantee it remains the case later in life. Some Dark Autumns have hair we might describe as blonde. Blue eyed Dark Winters do walk amongst us. So “light” hair or eyes do not necessarily equate to higher value.

What colors should Autumns avoid?

Colours to Avoid Since True Autumn’s main colour aspects are warmth and richness, your worst colours are cool and bright. Apart from white and black, other cool and bright, such as pastel pink or ice blue, will clash with your natural warmth and richness and will make you look off.

Can Autumns wear navy?

Autumn’s best navy, alone among the seasons, isn’t really navy at all. Rather, it is a dark teal shade that tones in beautifully with Autumn’s rich reds, browns and mustards.