Does Mindbender do more damage than Shadowfiend?

Shadowfiend comparison Described as an “improved version of Shadowfiend that is substantially more effective at dealing damage and generating mana or Insanity”, the Mindbender relies on its 12/15-second duration and short 1-minute cooldown to outperform the Shadowfiend. Deals 88% as much damage as the Shadowfiend.

Does Mindbender replace Shadowfiend?

The Mindbender is basically an upgrade to the Shadowfiend, offering superior damage output and a valuable source of mana regeneration. It actually deals less damage per hit than the Shadowfiend, but lasts longer and can be summoned three times as often.

How much mana does Mindbender give?

Mindbender returns 4,000 (1.3%) mana per attack and will attack 10 times before despawning. That’s 40,000 mana per cast and per minute. Shadowfiend returns 9,000 (3%) mana per attack and will attack eight times before despawning.

What are mind benders?

noun Slang. mindblower. a person or thing that radically and suddenly affects one’s thinking, perceptions, psyche, etc.

Is shadow priest a hard class?

Shadow Priest can unleash insane amounts of damage in raids and dungeons and be a powerful and hard-to-kill PVP fighter. But all that, of course, requires a lot of skill and understanding.

What’s another word for mind bending?

What is another word for mind-bending?

amazing incredible
mind-blowing astonishing
remarkable unbelievable
astounding breathtaking
exciting fascinating

What is the best rotation for a shadow priest?

Basic Rotation for Shadow Priest

  • Activate. Power Infusion to gain a burst of Haste; generally speaking, you should use this on cooldown.
  • Spend Insanity on. Devouring Plague.
  • Cast. Void Bolt whenever available.
  • Cast Mind Blast whenever available and when. Void Bolt is on cooldown.
  • Cast.