How big do cardinal saltwater fish get?

1-9+ inches long

Care Difficulty Easy
Average Adult Size 1-9+ inches long, depending on species
Diet Carnivore
Minimum Habitat Size 5+ gallons for a single cardinalfish, depending on species
Water Temperature 74-80°F

What do saltwater cardinal fish eat?

The Banggai cardinalfish feeds primarily on copepods, but it also eats planktonic organisms when they are abundant in the area.

Are Banggai Cardinals Hardy?

Loved because of their distinct shape, long, flowing fins, giant eyes, vertical black stripes, silver sides and white spots, these fish are hardy, peaceful towards other species, including corals and are bold—not afraid to swim out in the open around your tank.

Are cardinal fish endangered?

Endangered (Population decreasing)Banggai cardinalfish / Conservation status

How many Banggai Cardinals are in a tank?

There do seem to be the occasional group of 3 or 4 that work, but most of the time a single cardinal or a pair is all taht you can keep.

Is a cardinal a fish?

cardinal fish, any fish of the family Apogonidae (order Perciformes), a group including about 200 species of small, typically nocturnal fishes found in tropical and subtropical waters. The majority of cardinal fishes are marine and live among reefs in shallow water.

Are Firefish Gobies?

Firefish Goby (Nemateleotris Magnifica), also known as red-fire goby, the fire dartfish, or the magnificent firefish is a species of dartfish that can be found mainly in the coral reefs surroundings of the Pacific and Indian oceans….Firefish Goby: Care, Tank Size, Tank Mates, Breeding & Diet.

Common Name(s) Firefish Goby
Lifespan 3-4 years
Water pH 8.1-8.4

What is being done to protect the Banggai cardinalfish?

Together with local stakeholders, LINI implements various conservation activities including: conducting coral reef surveys, developing ‘no-take’ areas for the protection of the Banggai cardinal fish, training local communities in community-based reef and fishery resource monitoring, and developing marine management …

Can you mix cardinal fish?

Yes. They are best kept in groups. I have a few bangai in my 400l tank.

What is a saltwater cardinalfish?

Saltwater Cardinalfish are a family, Apogonidae, of ray-finned fishes. They are found in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans.

How much does a cardinal fish cost?

There are a variety of marine cardinal fish for sale that include the Pajama Cardinal as well as the beautiful black and white Banner Cardinalfish for sale also known as the Bangai Cardinalfish for sale. $ 34.95 – $ 49.95 Sale! $ 34.95 – $ 49.95 Sale! $ 44.00 – $ 47.95 Sale! $ 24.95 – $ 37.95 Sale!

What do cardinal fish eat?

Cardinals are carnivorous fish meaning they need meat. For this reason, Cardinalfish for sale should be fed a diet of vitamin-enriched Brine or Mysis shrimp, along with other finely chopped meaty preparations. They will thrive in a temperature range of 73-80°F and a pH of 8.0-8.5.

How do you identify a cardinal fish?

This species is easily differentiated from all other cardinalfish by its tasseled first dorsal fin, elongate anal and second dorsal fin rays, deeply forked caudal fin, and color pattern consisting of three black bars across the head and body and prominent black anterior edges on the anal and second dorsal fin.