How big do Electric Blue Ram cichlids get?

Origin: Tank-bred, but indigenous to South America. Average adult size: 1.4 – 1.6 inches. Average purchase size: 1 – 1.2 inches (2.5 – 3 cm)

Do electric blue rams need to be in pairs?

Rams are best maintained as a male-female pair in a peaceful community setting, and should not be housed with any aggressive species which may bully them. Small groups of Rams can be kept together, but you may find that certain fish pair off, and when breeding, they can become a little territorial towards others.

Are electric blue rams Hardy?

It’s well-known in the hobby that these dwarf cichlids are not hardy; they are extremely sensitive to fluctuating water parameters and conditions and easily become sick. In fact, you are often considered really lucky if you have a ram live for more than 18 months.

How do you care for electric blue rams?

Give your electric blue ram plenty of cover, ideally by including aquatic plants or submerged land vegetation in the setup. Densely planted areas and surface cover, combined with at least one open area for swimming, would be ideal. In addition to plants, the electric blue ram should be given a few caves to shelter in.

How many electric blue rams should be kept together?

How many blue rams should be kept together? A pair of rams can live in a 20-gallon community tank or in a 10-gallon breeding tank with no other fish. If you wish to keep two pairs of rams, increase the aquarium size to 40 gallons so that each set has enough territory.

Can electric blue rams live alone?

Keeping German Blue Rams Together You can keep this fish either as a pair or alone. When keeping more than one male, make sure the aquarium is large enough to have two separate territories.

Can blue ram be kept alone?

Tank Mates—Can Blue Ram Cichlid be Kept Alone? Unlike most cichlids, rams are peaceful, non-aggressive fish that do best when housed in a community with other fish, but you can keep a single pair alone in a 15 to 20-gallon tank.

How many Ramirezi are in a tank?

Can I keep a single ram cichlid?

Can you keep dwarf cichlids together?

Dwarf cichlids. One of the friendlier cichlids in the aquarium trade is dwarf cichlids. They can get along in groups of 5 or more and can be kept with blue rams, Tanganyika, and Malawi cichlids.

How many blue rams should I keep together?