How can I get admission in Cairo university?

Cairo University Admission Process

  1. Step 1: Online application form to be filled that is provided by the university.
  2. Step 2: Print out the form.
  3. Step 3: Send the scanned copies of the documents through email with the subject line stating your intent i.e. ‘Application for Admission’

What is Cairo University known for?

Cairo University Subject Rankings

  • #310. in Biology and Biochemistry.
  • #307. in Chemistry (tie)
  • #269. in Clinical Medicine (tie)
  • #300. in Computer Science (tie)
  • #300. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (tie)
  • #247. in Engineering (tie)
  • #406. in Materials Science (tie)

How do I apply for university in Egypt?

The student must apply through the website of the study in Egypt platform, bearing in mind that the student writes his name according to the passport and the application will be starting on 5/20/2021. The applicant must have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

How much does Cairo University cost?

Cairo University: Fee Structure 2021

Particulars Annual Fee
Tuition Fee 6000 USD
Hostel Fee 600 USD
Residents Permit 150 USD
Total Fee In USD 6750 USD

How much does it cost to study in Cairo?

How much are the tuition fees for Egyptian universities? Undergraduate studies cost from $1,254 to $8,360 per year. As for post-graduate tuition, the fees range from $1,800 to upwards of $8,000.

Is Cairo university accredited in USA?

AUC is accredited in the United States by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. A wide spectrum of programs are ABET accredited and approved by the Supreme Council Egyptian Universities.

What rank is Cairo university?

Cairo University Ranking 2020-21 – Center for World University Rankings (CWUR)

Institution Name Cairo University
World Rank 558
National Rank 1
Quality of Education Rank
Alumni Employment Rank 1125

What are the requirements to study in Egypt?

If you wish to study in Egypt, you will find many great universities and higher education institutions….Admission Requirements in Egypt

  • Original Diploma/Transcript of Records.
  • Valid Passport.
  • ID Photo.
  • Certificate of Acceptance from a University.
  • Proof of Finance.

Is Cairo University Private?

Cairo University (Egyptian Arabic: جامعة القاهرة‎ Gām’et El Qāhira, known as the Egyptian University from 1908 to 1940, and King Fuad I University from 1940 to 1952) is Egypt’s premier public university. Its main campus is in Giza, immediately across the Nile from Cairo.

What is @Cairo University?

Cairo University is the second oldest institution of higher education in Egypt after Al Ahar University, although there were already high vocational schools, which later became university colleges.

What are the admission dates for Cairo University for medicine?

Cairo University Admissions Cairo University Admission Dates for Medicine Papers will be approved only through the month of July of each year (1 July to 31 July). This study starts for the duration of the month of Oct of each year.

What are the documents required for the administration of Cairo University?

Post forms to the college student data for the administration of a Cairo University graduate as practices. Documents essential for the Egyptian students: Bachelor short-term appreciation essential of candidates for enrollment diploma or master Masters temporary identification is essential (for candidates to PhD).

What is the ratio of foreign students at the University of Cairo?

Cairo University is classified as a large university with more than 207,000 concurrent students. Foreign citizens can also apply to the university. The ratio of foreign students at CU is 3% of all students.