How can I know my ICAI membership number by name?

We can find member detail on the basis of directory of members and these can be traced on the basis of name, membership no and address. ICAI has organised digital data where by all members details are available and members detail can trace digitally through app provided by ICAI.

How can I get ICAI membership number?

Procedure for applying for CA Membership No. to ICAI After clearing both groups of CA Final and also completed articleship and GMCS Trainings, a person is required to make an application in Form 2 to ICAI for allotment of the CA Membership No. Recommended Download: Form 2 for applying for CA Membership No.

How can I restore my ICAI membership online?

You are invited to apply for restoration of membership by submitting Form No. 9 and update the particulars wherever necessary, if any, in case your name has been removed from the “Register of Members” due to non-payment of requisite fee before the due date.

Who is a member of ICAI?

A person is eligible to apply for membership either by passing all three levels of examinations ( Foundation, Intermediate and Final ) prescribed by ICAI and completing 36 months of practical training or by availing themselves of exemptions under mutual recognition agreement (MRAs).

What is MRN number in ICAI?

member registration number
The user ID shall always be the member registration number (MRN) / student registration number (SRN) before the prefixed domain

How can I identify a chartered accountant?

If you need to confirm someone is a CA, you can search for them by name on our Find a CA service. All members listed in this directory are current members of ICAS, and entitled to call themselves Chartered Accountants.

Where can I find SRN number in ICAI?

The way to get it back could be either online or with a helpline number. ICAI has sent you a mail regarding your registration number, check your mail list. However, if you do not have it then contact ICAI, mail them regarding it, they will revert to it.

How do I restore my inactive membership ICAI?

Those who wish to restore their membership may visit the link We request active co-operation of our Members in this regard and bring this announcement to the notice of all such individuals and encourage them to take/renew the Membership.

What happens if ICAI membership fees are not paid?

What are the consequences if the annual membership fee is not paid within the stipulated time? If the membership fee is not remitted before 30th September the name of the member would be removed/certificate of practice cancelled with effect from 1st October of the year concerned.