How can you tell a fake Burberry trench coat?

Check that “Burberry” is written on the tag in large, capital letters. All 8 letters will be the same size and centered in the middle of the label. If the stitching doesn’t look uniform, or if the letters are lowercase, then the coat is likely a fake. Some coats may have a logo of a knight riding a horse.

Why are Burberry trench coats so expensive?

Burberry trench coats are costly because of their rich heritage, high-quality materials, and the fact that you have the Burberry name and logo on them. Also, the British brand is known for creating them, being one of its most famous products.

What’s the difference between Mac and trench coat?

A mac coat generically refers to a plain, button-down raincoat, while a trench coat features military-inspired details including a thick waist belt, shoulder and wrist straps, and large lapels.

Why is the Burberry trench coat iconic?

It actually goes back to 1879, when Thomas Burberry first invented the water- and wind-proof fabric gabardine. Using this enduring fabric, the brand then created its first iconic trench coat for the British officers that were fighting in the World War One.

Is it worth buying Burberry trench?

New, it is not worth it if you want the original length, and the original width, and fullness, however, if you want the modern fit and if you have the money, it’s definitely worth it. if you go with a vintage trench coat, it is definitely worth it because it will never go out of style, you can always wear it.

What is the most popular Burberry trench coat?

Burberry trench coats come in a few different cuts and lengths, but the most popular styles outside of the Chelsea are the Kensington and Westminster. The Kensington features a classic, straight cut while the Westminster is more relaxed.

What’s another name for a trench coat?

What is another word for trench coat?

mackintosh mac
raincoat oilskin
slicker waterproof
anorak cagoule
cape gaberdine

How to spot a real authentic Burberry trench coat?

There are lots of Rurberry and Burbery trench coats doing the rounds.

  • A Burberry hang tag is made with a string which cannot be pulled off without damaging the garment.
  • Look for the Burberry logo inside the coat.
  • The most intricate stitching is of the collar.
  • Should I buy a trench coat?

    Unless, of course, if a fair hovering in a closet and waiting for the next outing could be considered as a service. If you want to make a universal, multifunctional wardrobe for all occasions for the minimum budget, you should not invest in a trench coat. It is better to buy a thin warm jacket instead, natural or artificial.

    Do all Burberry trench have epauletes?

    Then, strictly speaking, it wasn’t a trench-coat, which by usual definition is double-breasted and belted, with “gun flaps”, epaulettes and similar military embellishments. Do Americans normally refer to all raincoats as “trench-coats”? (Many Britons often make an analogous mistake by referring to them as “macs”.)

    Are Burberry coats worth the money?

    The outerwear by Burberry is an investment. It is not as pretentious as LV or Gucci, not as ridiculously expensive as Channel or Hermes. But it brings you what matters – quality, fit and status symbol. Short answer: yes. Long answer: Their coats are some of the best– I have a 6-year old peacoat that I still wear quite frequently.