How can you tell if a spindle is bad on a trailer?

Look for an scarring, gouges, discoloration, or scoring on the spindle. If the spindle is damaged then the bearings won’t ride properly and can fail again or it can cause other problems such as uneven or excessive tire wear and ride quality problems.

What is #84 spindle?

This is a Weld in Trailer Spindle that will accommodate a 3500 lb Straight Trailer axle Beam and corresponding wheel bearings. This Spindle is referred to as a #84 Spindle, using a 1 3/8″ ID Inner Wheel Bearing and a 1 1/16″ ID Outer Wheel Bearing. Additionally, this Spindle uses the standard 1.72″ ID Seal Surface.

Can you replace the spindle on a trailer?

Expert Reply: To replace a spindle, the old one would need to be cut off, and the new one welded into place. This is NOT a job for the do-it-yourselfer. The new spindle must be absolutely square with the axle in order to prevent premature tire wear and wheel tracking problems.

What is a spindle on a trailer?

Spindles are the innermost part of the trailer wheel and axle assembly. They provide a surface for the wheel bearings and wheel hub to rotate around.

Do I need to replace my spindle?

A spindle that has had excessive heat from a burned bearing will be damaged to the point that it needs replacing. Sometimes the bearing is stuck on the spindle and cannot be taken off. Other times the spindle is obviously damaged due the bearing burning up and hub falling on the axleshaft which rides on the spindle.

Can you sand a trailer spindle?

Depending on the damage or groves put into the spindle, I would try to sand it smooth. It may take you awhile Joel but with some emery paper you can do a pretty good job. If you have a caliper, check the spindle size every so often to see what you have done.

What size is spindle #84?

A #84 spindle, like # TRU24FR or # TRU47FR is bigger and is used for 3,500 lb axles. Common sizes for these are 2-3/8 inch round axle, 3 inch round axle, and 2 inch square axle.

What is a spindle number?

The number is the diameter of the spindle therefore the inner diameter (ID) of the bearings used on the hub. The following decimal diameters are the bearing/hub size converted: 0.75. ¾”

Can I weld a new spindle on trailer axle?

There are very few bolt-on spindles available; in fact, most spindles are welded to the axle tube. Replacing a spindle requires breaking the existing weld and then welding the new spindle in place.

Can you weld a trailer axle?

Set your welder up so that you can lay a good hot penetrating weld (practice on some scrap steel) and fully weld around the spindle and axle tube. Fill the plug weld holes up until the weld is flush with the top of the axle tube. Let the axle cool down slowly – do not quench or spray with water!

What are trailer spindles made of?

Spindle steel varies from low grade mild steel to a higher grade medium tensile steel like AISI 1045 and come in both solid round & square.

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