How do I apply to conservatoires through UCAS?

Register in the UCAS Hub and complete the registration questions – confirming you want to start your studies in 2022 and are interested in ‘conservatoires’. You’ll then be taken to your UCAS Hub dashboard where you’ll see a tile called ‘Your application’. Simply click ‘Start’ to begin your application.

Is UCAS conservatoires different to UCAS?

To attend a conservatoire, you must apply to a conservatoire! This might seem obvious, but applications for RCS (and most other UK conservatoires) are held on UCAS Conservatoires – part of the overall UCAS system but separate to universities. You can apply to both universities and conservatoires if you wish.

How many conservatoires can you apply for on UCAS?

How do you apply through UCAS Conservatoires? You can create a single electronic application that’ll be submitted simultaneously to a maximum of six conservatoires.

Is it hard to get into the Royal conservatoire of Scotland?

Easy to get into? Not really – you need three Highers or two A-levels and there is a rigorous audition. Vital statistics: It’s small but with 836 students it is one of the larger conservatoires. The only conservatoire in the UK offering degrees in music, drama and dance, and is one of four royal schools of music.

How do I apply to a conservatoire?

How to apply to UCAS Conservatoires in five steps

  1. Find the right course for you. The best place to start is our search tool.
  2. Register. When you’re ready to start your application you need to register.
  3. Start your application.
  4. Send your application.
  5. Wait for your auditions.

What are UCAS conservatoires?

UCAS Conservatoires is an online admissions service, which processes applications for full and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate music, dance, and drama programmes at nine of the UK conservatoires.

What’s the difference between a conservatoire and a university?

Conservatoires specialise in the performing arts and are usually a lot smaller than universities which teach a wide range of subjects. A conservatoire education focuses very much on practical learning and performance, whereas a university education tends to be more academic.

Is the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland a good school?

In 2022, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland was ranked as fifth in the world for performing arts education by QS World Rankings — alongside prestigious institutions such as The Juilliard School in New York and the Royal College of Music in London.

What do you need to get into the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland?

Whilst there are no specific entry requirements we will be looking for students who can demonstrate their experience, ability and potential, as well as the commitment and determination necessary to study at a high level. All eligible applicants will be invited to attend an audition.

Do you need a personal statement for a conservatoire?

Remember it’s the same personal statement for all the courses and conservatoires you apply to. They’ll be able to see where else you’ve applied, so explain why you’ve chosen those courses.