How do I block Youtube ads with PfBlocker?

In order to block ads through pfsense, we need to configure our pfblockerng properly. To configure go to Firewall>pfBlockerNG this will take you to welcome screen, now select Next to start the wizard. As shown in the wizard screen, our configuration has two portions IP & DNSBL.

Can pfSense block Youtube?

You could add an entry in the DSN in the “Host Overrides” to block it. Thanks for your replied, but it could not set schedule for timing can access.

How do I set up PfBlocker?

Installing pfBlockerNG-devel

  1. From the top menu, select System > Package Manager.
  2. Select Available Packages.
  3. Scroll down until you see pfBlockerNG.
  4. Click Install, next to pfBlockerNG-devel.
  5. Click Confirm.
  6. Once the installation is complete, you should see Success at the bottom of the Package Installer window.

How do I know if PfBlocker is working?

Verify PRI1 blocking Open a browser and try and access one of the IP address, for example . Your browser should display an error page as it has been unable to contact the server. Navigate to the Firewall > pfBlockerNG > Reports and you should see the blocked access displayed.

How do I get rid of YouTube ads on my LG Smart TV?

-To get Youtube HDR without ads, use an adblocked youtube app on your phone (say YoutubeVanced) and cast it to the TV. This will passthrough the HDR metadata while blocking the ads.

Does pfsense have parental controls?

Well if it’s for the children pfsense will do all you want ! Just inspect it in a VM, it has a schedule feature you can define, then call that schedule in your rules. You can apply that schedule to the whole vlan easily.

How do I allow a website in pfSense?

Let’s (finally) start configuring our pfSense server!…Let’s turn this on.

  1. Go to System -> Advanced -> Admin Access.
  2. Change the Protocol for the webgui access from http to https.
  3. Scroll down and click Save.

How do I use PfBlocker?


  1. Log in to pfSense GUI.
  2. Choose System > Package Manager.
  3. Choose Available packages then scroll down to pfBlockerNG and clock Save.
  4. Once the package is installed, choose Firewall > pfBlockerNG.
  5. On the General tab, enable the following options:
  6. Choose DNSBL from the pfBlockerNG menu.

What is PF blocker?

PfBlocker is a package for pfSense version 2. x that allows you to add IP block list and country block functions to a pfSense firewall or router. PfBlocker was created to replace the functions of the IP Blocklist and Country Block packages.

Can you block YouTube ads on smart TV?

Several methods for blocking YouTube ads from a Samsung TV include blocking ads on the Internet router, installing an ad guard device on the DNS server, or using the Smart YouTube TV app. Upgrading to a premium tier of service through YouTube can also remove unwanted ads from the TV.

Does pfblockerng work on the YouTube app?

Does not work on YouTube app. Youtube ads have the same domain names and hosts from the same servers as the actual videos you want to watch. So if you were to block youtube ad servers at the router, you’d also just straight up block youtube. Pfblockerng can not inspect the content of each page.

Can pfblockerng block YouTube ad servers?

So if you were to block youtube ad servers at the router, you’d also just straight up block youtube. Pfblockerng can not inspect the content of each page. As such, a comprehensive blocking strategy does not just depend on router level blocking, but also browser level blocking.

Why pfblockerng doesn’t block all websites?

Specifically because all web traffic is increasingly encrypted, so nothing that’s between your computer and the web site – like pfBlockerNG – can do much more than just block based on destination, and you probably don’t want to block Youtube if you want to watch Youtube.

How do I block YouTube on my computer?

Another solution is to use OpenDNS DNS, register for a free account, update your IP via DNSOMATIC, use their Web Content Filtering feature. Depends on your needs. For a basic home user the second one is preferred. I’d like to ask some help from you guys on how to block youtube using pfsense.