How do I cite a commentary?

Author Last Name, First Name. “Title of Chapter,” In Title of Commentary. Vol. # of Title of Work, edited by Editor’s Name, inclusive page #s.

What are the 4 types of commentary?

Types of Commentaries

  • Technical or Critical or Exegetical: Includes very detailed, technical discussion of text. Requires some understanding of the original languages.
  • Expositional or Essential or Semi-Technical: Includes less technical, but still extensive discussion.
  • Homiletical: Intended to aid in sermon preparation.

What are the three types of commentary?

Elements of an Essay: Writing Commentary

  • Here are a few different methods for writing commentary:
  • Commentary Type: Opinion using the “what and why” method.
  • Commentary Type: Interpretation using the “what and why” method.
  • Commentary Type: Character or Subject Feelings using the “what and why” method.

When was Ellicott’s commentary written?

ELLICOTT’S BIBLE COMMENTARY Hardcover – January 1, 1979.

How do you add commentary to footnotes?

Comments in notes If you want to include a substantive comment in your footnote, as well as a citation, put the citation first, followed by the comment in a new sentence.

How do you deliver commentary?

Include good stories in your commentary. Stories must be from the local area. Information should be delivered in manner that must be interesting to the guest Commentary must be presented in such a manner, so that, it must create interest among group members. There should be humor in the commentary.

What is a commentary used for?

Definition – Commentary Commentaries are meant to assist the reader in understanding a Biblical text by giving comments on the context and meaning of the text. The various contexts discussed may include the literary context, historical context, cultural context, and the language of the text.

How do you make a good commentary?

You can practice your commentary when you are not recording. Improv, broadcasting, and public speaking classes should help with your commentary. Talking to yourself as you go about your day-to-day tasks will help. Commentating on games you are playing when not recording just to practice will also help.

How do you cite the Bible commentary in APA 7th edition?

Bible Dictionary

  1. Example: Sarna, N. M. (2008).
  2. In-Text Paraphrase: (Author’s Last Name, Year)
  3. In-Text Quote: (Author’s Last Name, Year, p.
  4. Example: Browning, W. R. F. (2009).
  5. In-Text Paraphrase: (Author’s Last Name, Year)
  6. In-Text Quote:

How do you cite Ellicott’s Commentary for English readers?

MLA (7th ed.) Ellicott, C J. A New Testament Commentary for English Readers. London: Cassell and Co, 1897. Print.

Who wrote Ellicott’s Commentary for English readers?

John Ellicott, Charles
Ellicott’s Bible Commentary for English Readers – Kindle edition by John Ellicott, Charles.

Who were the authors of the Ellicott Bible Commentary?

Tab Name: Dr. Charles J. Ellicott compiled and edited this commentary set, employing 28 authors, such as Edward H. Plumptre, Frederic W. Farrar, Alfred Plummer, Payne Smith, and C. H. Waller. Dr. Ellicott was a conservative Bible scholar, as his book introductions clearly show.

What did Charles Ellicott do?

In 1847, Charles Ellicott was ordained a Priest in the Church of England. From 1841 to 1848, he served as Rector of Pilton, Rutlandshire. He became Hulsean Professor of Divinity, Cambridge, in 1860.

Was William Ellicott a conservative?

Dr. Ellicott was a conservative Bible scholar, as his book introductions clearly show. Most of the books are more expository than technical, as Ellicott sought explanations for “English readers”.

How many comments are there in the e-Sword edition?

The e-Sword edition contains nearly 24,000 verse by verse comments. The iPad/iPhone version of this commentary is labeled “iPad/iPhone”. The PC version is labeled “PC”: ellicott (PC).exe is self-installing and ellicott (PC).zip requires manual installation. In the printed edition, many books contain excurses at the end of the book comments.