How do I clean up my Backup Exec database?

In the left window pane, select the Backup Exec server name and then click Dump Database from the Database Tasks options in the left window pane OR right-click on the Backup Exec server name and then click Dump Database to take a backup of the existing BEDB state.

What is Backup Exec Bedb?

Backup Exec automatically sets up a daily backup (dump) of the BEDB as a part of Database Maintenance,But there are times when it is required to back up the BEDB manually. For example, It is required to backup the BEDB prior upgrading Backup Exec or before performing maintenance on the media server.

Where are the Backup Exec catalogs maintained?

Where are the Backup Exec catalogs stored? They are stored in BKF, IMG, OST and tape (media based catalog) and physically present at the Catalog location stored in the registry. If the Catalog Files are not available in the Catalog location, BE cannot display the Backup Sets in the console.

How do I move Symantec Backup Exec to another server?

On the New server, stop the Backup Exec Services from “Tools | Backup Exec Services | Stop All Services”. On the New Server, rename the Catalogs folder to Catalogs. old. Copy the Catalogs folder from the desktop of the New Server (copied to the desktop in Step 5) to the Backup Exec folder on the New Server.

Which is the default database repository that is used by BEDB in Backup Exec?

By default, Backup Exec (BE) will install a SQL Express Instance named (BKUPEXEC) as the home for the BE database named (BEDB).

How do I run a Backup Exec catalog?

Select the All backup Exec Servers section from the utility, highlight and right click on the Backup Exec Server to launch the menu to run Set Job Log and Catalog Locations. Click “yes” on the prompt, if one comes up. Select the checkbox to change the catalog location and paste or type the new catalog location path.

Does Backup Exec 2010 R2 support B2D devices on USB disks?

Prior to Backup Exec 2010 R2, the ability to maintain B2D devices on USB disks when they were disconnected and reconnected was not officially supported. Setup each drive with different folder names as follows (swapping the drives to setup each folder if the drives use the same letter):

What are the Backup Exec best practices for external hard drives?

Backup Exec Best Practices when using external Hard Drives for Backup-to-Disk (B2D) or Disk Storage Device connected by USB, eSATA, Firewire, etc.. Attempting to use different physical devices for the same Backup-to-Disk folder in Backup Exec will lead to a wide variety of issues with the application and Backup-to-Disk media.

How do I change the backup-to-disk location of a USB drive?

On any disk where the Disk ID is changed, delete all the Backup Exec folders from that disk (/BEControl and /BEdata), disconnect the USB drive and reconnect it, then configure new disk storage (or a new B2D) on the drive. The user has to replace the external disk Daily or Weekly which is the Backup-to-disk location

Can I swap different hard drives in Backup Exec?

Backup Exec does not support swapping different hard drives in an attempt to use different physical devices for the same Backup-to-Disk folder in Backup Exec. If the drives are not configured in a supported method, issues with Catalog or Restore jobs, and overwrite / reclaim of previous backup data may occur.