How do I create a restaurant floor plan?

Here’s how to design a restaurant floor plan in seven steps:

  1. Count Your Operational Restaurant Spaces.
  2. Consider the Space You Have.
  3. Design your Kitchen Layout.
  4. Design Your Restaurant Dining Room Layout.
  5. Layout Restrooms, Entryways, and Waiting Areas.
  6. Add Bars, Service Counters, and Delivery Areas.

How do you make a restaurant floor plan in Word?

Start a new floor plan

  1. Click the File tab.
  2. Click New, click Maps and Floor Plans, and then under Available Templates, click the template that you want to use.
  3. Click Create.

What should a restaurant floor plan include?

A restaurant floor plan should include:

  • The kitchen.
  • Kitchen elements like refrigerators, stoves, and other large appliances.
  • Tables and chairs.
  • The entrance.
  • The waiting area.
  • The bar area.
  • The restrooms.
  • Your staff area or backroom.

What is a good size for a restaurant?

Fine dining: 18–20 square feet. Full service restaurant: 12–15 square feet. Fast casual: 11–14 square feet. Fast food: 11–14 square feet.

How many sq ft is the average restaurant?

Not sure how big your dining room should be? Here are some guidelines for figuring out the average square footage you need per customer, depending on your venue type: Fine dining: 18–20 square feet. Full service restaurant: 12–15 square feet.

How to create a restaurant floor plan?

Seating Floor Plan. This seating plan provides you with a perfect way to arrange your dining areas,especially private dining rooms,bars,and restrooms.

  • Kitchen Floor Plan. A kitchen floor plan like this will be perfect if you want to optimally use the kitchen space.
  • Bar Floor Plan.
  • Restroom Floor Plan.
  • Payment Station&Pos System Floor Plan.
  • How to create restaurant floor plan in minutes?

    Windows Azure.

  • Electrical Symbols — Power Sources.
  • Network Diagramming Software for Design Rack Diagrams.
  • Gym Floor Plan.
  • Emergency Plan.
  • Restaurant Floor Plan.
  • Office Floor Plans.
  • How to start a floor plan?

    Measure along the baseboard the length of one wall,from one corner of the room to another.

  • Measure the remaining walls the same way you measured the first.
  • Measure the room’s doorways and other entries.
  • Determine the size of the windows.
  • What are the best floor plans?

    Modern Farmhouse with Veranda — 3 Bedroom,2787 Sq Ft. For 2020,we have a new plan coming in first place!

  • Craftsman Ranch with Split Bedroom Layout — 3-Bedroom,1800 Sq Ft. From the front porch to the rear,every aspect of this classic Craftsman is designed for family living.
  • Luxury Arts&Crafts with Open Floor Plan — 3-Bedroom,2857 Sq Ft.