How do I create an IRD file?

Click the Create IRD button • Select the PS3 game ISO you want to create an IRD for, click OK 3 Page 4 3k3y ISO Tools User Manual V1.0 • Select the directory and filename for the IRD, click OK The 3K3y Ripper app will now generate the IRD file.

What is PS3 ISO rebuilder?

PS3-ISO-Rebuilder Functions This loads a JailBreak Folder containing game disc files. ISO. This loads a backup in .ISO format. IRD.

How do I use IRD files on PS3?

Go to Open -> JB Folder and select the game folder (this is the folder that contains PS3_GAME folder, PS3_DISC. SFB and optionally the PS3_UPDATE folder). Go to Open -> IRD and select the IRD you downloaded for your game. Wait until all files are checked.

How do I make a PKG file on PS3?

How to Make a PKG File for the PS3

  1. Download and install PS3 Package GUI and Microsoft’s . NET Framework.
  2. Open PS3 Package GUI on the computer on which it was installed and open a file browser.
  3. Click “Copy” and right-click the folder that will be holding the files. Click “Paste” to add the files to the dedicated folder.

What is multiMAN PS3?

Multiman is a program for PlayStation 3, created by independent third-party developer Dean Kasabow. … Multiman boasts a number of features, such as file manager, media player, Web browser, FTP server, emulator launcher and ROM lister, Blu-ray movie converter and the ability to install games from a disk onto the PS3.

How do I make a PKG file?

The PKG format allows for easy installation by the user….Building a PKG

  1. Open Composer and authenticate locally.
  2. Select the package source you want to build as a PKG from the Sources list in the sidebar.
  3. In the toolbar, click Build as PKG .
  4. Select a location to save the package and click Save.

How do I put Multiman on my PS3?

Insert the USB drive into the first USB port on your PlayStation console, then scroll to the “Install Packages” option in the XMB main menu using your game controller. You will see the two files packages from the memory drive appear on the screen. Select them, then press the “X” button to begin the installation.

Who created Multiman PS3?


Author deanK
Website MultiMan
Current Version 04.82
Firmware Version 3.55/4.2x/4.3x/4.4x/4.5x/4.6x-4.82

How do I use the 3k3y Ripper?

The 3K3y Ripper application can be used to manipulate PS3 game ISOs and recreate PS3 game ISOs from a collection of game files. You do not need a 3K3y Ripper connected to your PC to use any of the features of the 3K3y Ripper described in this document.

What file types are supported by the new 3k3y and redump?

* 3k3y (decrypted / encrypted) format is now supported (.iso). * Redump (encrypted) format is now supported (.iso & .dkey).

How does the 3k3y FPGA work?

The 3K3y FPGA handles the transfer of data from the 3K3y microprocessor to the PS3, it is now able to to perform encryption on the data as it passes through the FPGA.

What is the difference between 3k3y ISOs and 3dump mode?

• 3Dump mode is able to respond to the PS3’s request for the disk key. 3K3y ISOs contain the game’s disk key and 3Dump mode uses this information to reply to the PS3’s request for the disk key. • NoKeys cannot is unable to respond to the PS3’s request for the disk key and instead, relies on thePS3’s BD drive to respond.