How do I get rid of bird Monkey Island?

Wait for the cook to leave the kitchen and walk off the screen. When he’s gone enter the kitchen and take the Pot and the Chunk of Meat. Head out the door to the small pier and a bird will fly down to feed on the fish. Step on the bottom right side of the pier and a plank will lift up, scaring the bird away.

What do I give the cannibals in Monkey Island?

He’ll give the cannibals the root and they’ll give Guybrush a magic seltzer bottle that can be used to fight ghosts. Leave the village to fast travel back to the cave. Guybrush will discover that LeChuck’s ship has already set sail for Melee Island so LeChuck can marry Elaine!

How do you scare away Seagull Monkey Island?

In SoMI. Guybrush Threepwood encountered a seagull on a dock behind the Scumm Bar eating a red herring fish. Threepwood repeatedly stamped on a loose board to scare it away and take the fish for himself.

How do you win the spitting contest Monkey Island?

In order to win, you have to time your spitting with the tailwind. When the woman’s red scarf catches the win (you’ll hear it blowing) select “ptooie!”. You win first place and a lovely plaque.

How do you get the 5 bananas in Monkey Island?

Back at the map, row to the northeast, then north, and land at the beach. You are now on the northern section of the island, which was previously inaccessible on foot. Visit the village, go to the left, and pick up the pair of bananas in the bowl of fruit. You now have five bananas.

What does the troll want in Monkey Island?

The troll required travellers to pay a toll before he allowed them to pass. He said that he was looking for something that would “attract attention, but of no real importance”. He warned that he would allow three tries and then eat anyone who failed to pay.

Who is Otis in Monkey Island?

Otis is a local thief, who was known to have very bad case of halitosis. He tended to whine a lot, and would often bemoan his predicament. This tended to test the patience of those around him, especially considering his oral condition. He was seemingly of Spanish in origin, sporting a full beard.