How do I know if my lovebird is opaline?

Opaline Lovebird Colors and Marking The opaline colorations consist of the lovebird having a red or orange head rather than the peach color that is seen in standard colored lovebirds. Their wings are typically light green or yellow, and some consist of a mixture between the two.

What is an opaline mutation?

The Opaline budgerigar mutation is one of approximately 30 mutations affecting the colour or appearance of budgerigars. It is the underlying mutation of the Opaline variety. When combined with the Yellowface II and Clearwing mutations the Rainbow variety is produced.

What is opaline Fischer lovebird?

Dominique Veeckmans. It was no surprise that arrival of the Fischer’s Lovebird ( Agapornis fischeri ) opaline mutation resulted in appearance of broad range of new combinations. As a matter of fact, opaline remains the only mutation that can be combined with all other mutations, which is very exciting.

What is the difference between Fischer lovebird and peach-faced lovebird?

Fischer’s lovebirds are smaller than peach-faced lovebirds. They also have a distinct high-pitched chirp. They tend to be more aggressive than peach-faced and masked lovebirds. However, if they are well-socialized, they can be calm and easygoing.

What is Dun fallow lovebird?

Dun fallow – little eumelanin reduction in the plumage causing the colour of the feathers to be similar to cinnamon or even pastel, but however with a lot of eumelanin reduction in the eyes. Because of this the eyes are a bright red. The primaries are greyish brown.

What is green opaline?

Definition of opaline green : a very light green.

What does opaline mean in birds?

Opaline is a very new mutation in peachface lovebirds. It was discoved in 1997. There had been many mutations in peachface lovebirds previously, but they all created new color combinations except for the pied mutation, which creates irregular colored areas on the bird.

Can a Fischer lovebird mate with a peach face?

Hybrids produced by the pairing of a rosy-faced lovebird (or peach-faced lovebird) with one of the “eye-ring” species (i.e. those species which have a prominent area of white bare skin encircling the eye, Fischer’s lovebird being a typical example) are usually sterile, whereas crosses between the “eye-ring” species are …

How much do peach-faced lovebirds cost?

Peach-faced lovebirds are easily found in pet stores and range in price from $25 for a normal green, to $200 or more for a rarer mutation, which you will probably have to buy from a breeder.