How do I overlay text on an image in WordPress?

In the top toolbar, click on the “Add text over image” button as shown in the screenshot below.

  1. Select Text Over Image.
  2. Overlay Color Options on Image Block Editor.
  3. Enter Text on Image Block.
  4. Custom Text Sizing on Block Editor.
  5. Top Toolbar of Image Block.
  6. Add a Cover Block.
  7. Edit Text Overlay on Cover Block.

How do I add an overlay to an image in WordPress?

How to Overlay an Image in WordPress

  1. Step 1: Insert an Image Using Cover Block. Click Add block and choose the block type as Cover. Next, choose a background picture to display on that cover block.
  2. Step 2: Customize the cover block overlay. Next, you will proceed with the block settings to make an overlay.

How do I show image captions in WordPress?

Add Caption to Existing Images on Existing Content Click the Edit Media icon (pencil). An “Image Details” screen will be displayed. Type in your caption into the Caption field and click “Update” to save the changes. Your WordPress caption will be added.

What is image overlay WordPress?

This plugin will allow you to add image overlays with hover effects and scrolling animation. You can also create image flips and sliders right into your WordPress website. The Visual Composer Hub lets you add titles, descriptions and links on both the front and back sides of your images.

How do I put text on top of a picture in Elementor?

How To Add Text Over Image in Elementor

  1. Drag and drop an Image Widget into a column and select your image from the media library.
  2. Drag and drop a Heading Widget below the image and edit your text.
  3. In the Advanced Tab, unlink the margin properties and apply a negative top margin (example: -40%)

Can you layer images in WordPress?

Once you have your images uploaded into WordPress Media Library navigate to WPBakery Page Builder element menu and choose ‘Layer Image’ element.

How do you overlay images in Elementor?

How can I add an overlay to a section?

  1. Select the section to which you want to add an overlay in Elementor. By doing so, a new dashboard on the left with element’s settings will pop up.
  2. Then, in the Style tab, open the Background Overlay accordion panel and select a color or an image for it.
  3. Publish the changes.

How do you overlap images in Elementor?

To overlap elements in Elementor, make multiple sections in the page builder, depending on how many elements you’d like to overlap. Next, change the z-index margins on one of the elements to make it move under or over the other. You can change the opacity to make the bottom image show through a bit.