How do I set SMTP as primary?

How to set the primary SMTP address

  1. Sign in to your Exchange admin center.
  2. Go to recipients > mailboxes and double-click the user whose primary email address you want to change. The Edit User Mailbox window will open.
  3. Click email address on the left and double-click the SMTP address that you want to set as primary (Fig.

What is my primary SMTP address?

The PrimarySmtpAddress element represents the primary Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) address of an account to be used for server-to-server authorization or delegate access.

How do I change my primary SMTP address in ad?

To modify the SMTP address for Mail Enabled Users,

  1. Select the AD Mgmt tab.
  2. Click the Modify SMTP link available under Exchange Attributes.
  3. Select the user category – Mail Enabled Users, for which you want to set additional email address.
  4. Specify the Target Address in the corresponding text field.

How do I change my SMTP server address?

How to change the primary SMTP address of an Exchange Online mailbox in a Hybrid environment

  1. Go to Start > Run and type adsiedit.msc.
  2. Find the user account > Properties.
  3. Edit the proxyAddresses attribute.
  4. Add primary email address in this format.
  5. Add secondary email addresses in this format.

How do I change the primary SMTP address in Office 365 PowerShell?

Change User Primary Email Address in Office 365 with PowerShell.

  1. Run the PowerShell as administrator;
  2. To run the scripts needed to change a user’s primary email address we must first set the script execution policy.
  3. The execution policy needs to be RemoteSigned.
  4. Now Get-ExecutionPolicy returns RemoteSigned;

What is SMTP proxy address?

Primary SMTP address: It’s the primary email address of an Exchange recipient object. For example, SMTP: [email protected] . Secondary SMTP address: It’s the secondary email address of an Exchange recipient object, which can have multiple secondary email addresses. For example, smtp: [email protected] .

How do I change my primary email address in Outlook?

You can change your default email account using the following steps.

  1. Select File > Account Settings > Account Settings.
  2. From the list of accounts on the Email tab, select the account you want to use as the default account.
  3. Select Set as Default > Close.

How do I add an Office 365 SMTP address?

Add email address type, and then click SMTP to add an SMTP email address to this mailbox. SMTP is the default email address type. You can also add custom addresses to a mailbox.

How do I change the email address in Windows PowerShell?

Change primary email address with Powershell

  1. 2.1 Remote access to Exchange with PowerShell.
  2. 2.2 Import Get-Mailbox and Set-Mailbox.
  3. 2.3 Set a NewPrimaryMail.
  4. 2.4 Transfer list to mailbox.

What is primary SMTP and secondary SMTP?

How do I change the primary SMTP server?

To change the primary SMTP you can either use the EAC, and go to the mail addresses dialog box, or go to the Attribute editor in Active Directory Users and Computers, once you’ve enabled advanced view, under the view menu, and change the proxyAddress attribute to match what you need.

How do I fix the primary SMTP address for a mailbox?

The primary SMTP address must be specified when referencing a mailbox. To fix this issue, install one of the following updates: For Exchange Server 2019, install the Cumulative Update 2 for Exchange Server 2019 or a later cumulative update for Exchange Server 2019.

Is SMTP primary address capital or lowercase?

The primary SMTP in this list is capital, add a new entry as capital SMTP and convert the old address to lowercase smtp. However, this doesn’t solve your new user creation issue.

When must the primary SMTP address be specified when using impersonation?

“The primary SMTP address must be specified when referencing a mailbox” error when you use impersonation in Exchange Server 2019 and 2016 More… Less In Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 or Exchange Server 2016, consider the following scenario: