How do I set up Furuno radar?


  1. Transmit the radar in maximum range.
  2. Set STC (sea clutter) to minimum.
  3. Set FTC (rain clutter) to minimum.
  4. Set the gain control to maximum (the screen should show mostly radar noise)
  5. Now adjust the gain control to show a very small amount of noise (only a few noise spots on the screen)

How do you adjust the heading on a Furuno radar?


  1. Set ship’s heading toward a suitable target (for example, ship or buoy) at a range.
  2. Open the RADAR SETUP menu, and press the D:
  3. Select HEADING ADJUST and press the A: EDIT soft key to show the HEADING.
  4. Select ON followed by the C: ENTER soft key to show the radar display.

How do you reset the time on Furuno radar?

To reset the TX time, you must enter the initialize menu by holding HL OFF and pressing menu 5 times. Once in the initialize menu, press 4 for installation. Option 9 will allow you to reset the TX time.

How do you adjust a radar gain?

Adjusting Gain on the Radar Screen Manually

  1. From a Radar screen or the Radar overlay, select Menu > Gain.
  2. Select Up to raise the gain, until light speckles appear across the Radar screen.
  3. Select Down to lower the gain until the speckles disappear.

What is beam width distortion?

The finite beam width of the radar results in echoes being extended in the azimuth direction – called azimuth distortion.

What does gain do on a radar?

Gain affects the receiver and not the display as the brilliance does. Turning up the gain increases the amplification of the incoming signal, making weak echoes look stronger, but confusing the display with background speckle or noise, similar to the background crackling of an ordinary radio.

What is gain control in radar?

B. Automatic Gain Control (AGC) AGC is a technique which controls receiver gain automatically as and when the radar return signal changes in amplitude. The simplest type of AGC adjusts the receiver gain according to the average level of the received signal.

Why is it to set two radars at different ranges?

Where two radars are used, one radar can be kept on a longer range scale to obtain advance warning of the approach of other vessels, changes in traffic density, or proximity to the coastline. The other radar can use a short range scale, which helps to detect smaller targets easily.

What is Vbw in radar?

1. Vertical Beam Width (VBW)‏ VBW is the vertical angle at the scanner contained between the upper and lower edges of the RADAR beam. The upper and lower edges of the beam are taken to be the lines joining the half-power points above and below the centre of the beam.

How do I start my Furuno marine radar?

FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. 6″ LCD MARINE RADAR Startup screen After the completion of the startup test, a timer displays the time remaining for warm up of the magnetron (the device which transmits radar pulses), counting down from 1:00 to 0:00. To turn off the power, press and hold down the [POWER/BRILL] key until the screen goes blank.

Where can I get a Furuno manual?

Note: you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the manuals. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader you can download it free of charge at Manuals for other Furuno models can be ordered through any authorized Furuno USA dealer. To locate a dealer near you please click on “Where To Buy” on the top navigation bar.

What is the Furuno onboard warranty?

FURUNO Onboard Warranty If the product was installed/commissioned and registered by a certified FURUNO dealer, the customer has the right to the onboard warranty. The FURUNO onboard warranty includes

How to report a defective product to Furuno?

For the Standard Warranty – simply send the defective product together with the invoice to a FURUNO national distributor. For the Onboard Warranty – contact a FURUNO national distributor or a certified dealer. Give the product´s serial number and describe the problem as accurately as possible.