How do I show posts on a page in WordPress?

If you want your posts to show up on the home page and WordPress isn’t already doing this for you, here’s how you do it. In the WordPress admin, go to Settings > Reading. Find the section called Your homepage displays and select the Your latest posts option. Click the Save Changes button and go back to your home page.

How do I show post categories on a specific page?

Simply edit the post or page where you want to display the recent posts by category. On the post edit screen, click on the add new block (+) button and then add the Shortcode block to your content area. Next, you need to add the shortcode [categoryposts] in the block settings.

How do I show post excerpts in WordPress?

Simply click the ‘Blog/Archive’ menu option. After that, scroll down to the bottom of the menu to the ‘Post Content’ section. Then, click the ‘Excerpt’ button. That’s it!

How do I publish a post to a specific page in WordPress?

You cannot post to pages. Pages are static and sit outside the blog structure. With wordpress, you use categories to organize posts into subjects and then you can add those categories to your navigation using a custom menu.

How do I assign a post to a specific page in WordPress?

Here is how you do it:

  1. Go to Pages > Add New.
  2. Now just give your page a title, add your content and click Publish.
  3. Go to Settings > Reading.
  4. Choose ‘Static Page’ and in the drop down, select the new welcome page you just created.
  5. Click ‘Save Changes’.

How do I display custom post by category in WordPress?

To display your custom post types on the same category page as your default posts, you need to add this code into your theme’s functions. php or a site-specific plugin. $post_type = array ( ‘nav_menu_item’ , ‘post’ , ‘movies’ ); // don’t forget nav_menu_item to allow menus to work!

How do I show related posts by category in WordPress?

Simply click the toggle to enable the option and enter a title that will appear above your related posts. After that, you can select ‘Posts’ as the post type to include in the widget. There is also an option to exclude specific posts from showing in the related posts widget and show posts from particular categories.

Does WordPress have post loop?

The loop is used in WordPress themes to display a list of posts in a web page. Inside the loop there are some functions that are run by default to display posts. Theme developers can format the output by using template tags to customize how each post inside the loop is displayed.

How do you display custom excerpts?

When you are on the edit post screen, you’ll see a small menu item “Screen Options” in the upper right corner of the screen. Please click on the button and it will open an options panel where you can just check the box “Excerpt”.

What is Post excerpt?

Excerpts are a summary of your post content and are used to shorten your posts so that only the introduction or a summary of your post is displayed rather than the full post. Places where an excerpt might show, depending on your theme, include: Blog Page.

How do I separate blog posts in WordPress?

How to Create A Separate Blog Page for Posts

  1. Step 1: Create A Blog Page. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to create a separate blog page for displaying posts on a specific page in WordPress.
  2. Step 2: Display New Posts on the Blog Page.
  3. Step 3: Add the Blog Page to the Menu.

How to check whether it is a “page” or “ Post” article type?

1.2 get_post_type () function return ‘page’ ( as string) if the current article type is “PAGE”. 1.3 We can also use get_post () function to check whether it is a “PAGE” or “POST”. 2. Post 2.1 Similarly is_single () function return true if the current article type is “POST” else return false.

How to use wpbakery page builder to display posts and pages?

There are few built-in elements from WPBakery Page Builder that you can use, including Post Grid and Post Slider. After adding a specific element for displaying posts, you can then save the page and hit Publish. When you are adding a Post Grid element, you will be able to see multiple options to edit your page design.

How do I display my posts on static pages?

Use the shortcode or function to display your posts on static pages, in widgets or in your template files. Get the pro version for more options like masonry, AJAX pagination, social sharing, styles and much more on the way!

How to determine the selected value of the selected post page?

To determine it inside a page template (ex: page.php), simply check it like so: I literally went digging the source-code [2] of it just to be able to know how wordpress does the checking of the value. It turns out, it is using the statement get_option ( ‘page_for_posts’ ) to know the post ID of the selected value of the Posts page.